We are a diverse team of professionals with many years of experience in the fields of addiction recovery, medicine, trauma, psychotherapy, healing and physical therapy. THE BALANCE Luxury Rehab was inspired by the scarcity of professional and sincere treatment care and our team share the motivation to bring more quality services to customers around the world. The members of THE BALANCE Luxury Rehab have a mutual desire to bring empathy, honesty and compassion into the workplace. We carry a collective vision to facilitate healing, trigger positive life change, and ultimately, enable clients to connect to achieve their highest dreams and goals.

We have designed a unique retreat program, providing tailored made treatment, care and support for individuals and families seeking a lasting life change. Our primary focus is to address your underlying issues in addition to treating your existing presenting symptoms. Our bespoke combination of mind, body and life treatments will help you live a more fulfilling and healthy life.

THE BALANCE Luxury Rehab is for those who have grown tired of their current state and wish to flourish and thrive. Perhaps your life feels unfulfilling, harmful or exhausting. You no longer feel joy or peace, and your health and well-being are suffering as a consequence. You recognize that something needs to change and you need help and guidance to achieve it.

We believe that once you commit to making a positive change in your life, it becomes inevitable. We want to ensure that your commitment and devotion give rise to pleasing results and improvements and we achieve this with our therapeutic program.

Acting as an alternative to the 12 Step program, THE BALANCE Luxury Rehab delivers excellent results by challenging behaviours through empathetic and holistic treatments. We know that each human is different and every person is unique and we base our treatments on the variables of life.

Our programs are committed to helping you take the first steps on the path to a more meaningful life.


THE BALANCE Luxury Rehab is at the pinnacle of comprehensive treatments dedicated to addressing the underlying causes of life crises, emotional and physical disorders, and all health-related problems. Our goal is to grant those experiencing these conditions the necessary insight, tools and treatment to discard of all these pains and complications to lead a happy and healthy life.

Commitment to Clients

THE BALANCE Luxury Rehab supports all clients and helps them recognize unhealthy or destructive patterns of behaviour. We are committed to relieving of you of such behaviours and the consequences they might have on your health.
We hold it as our sole and ultimate responsibility to rid you of all addictions, mental health issues, and physical symptoms. It is our duty as a leading health care institution to enhance your experience and view of life so that you can enjoy it to the maximum.

Unique Method

THE BALANCE Luxury Rehab provides the perfect environment in which to undergo a personal transformation due to its carefully designed therapeutic interventions and person-centred, holistic approach. It empowers and enables the client to embody effective and lasting changes. The facilities are optimal for self rejuvenation and discovery as the private residences offer you the privacy and calmness needed for clarity.

Team of Experts

THE BALANCE Luxury Rehab employs a team of dedicated experts who promote and personify a professional and therapeutic community, creating an atmosphere of support, affection, joy, and transcendence.

Believe of Beyond

We understand the complexity of human nature and the diversity of human experience. To help you achieve authentic self-improvement, we transcend the physical aspects to the mental and spiritual components of life.


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