A drunk person passed out next to a bottle of alcohol on grass.
Alcohol Poisoning Treatment

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 2,200 people die from acute alcohol poisoning, averaging approximately six individuals per day. Most of these individuals are men, and about three in four are between 35 to 65 years of age. Despite being a socially acceptable drink in most parts of the world, […]

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Woman sitting at the table with green plants in the foreground.
Alcohol Detox

Alcoholism is becoming a progressively common problem in the United States and worldwide. With more and more people falling victim to this life-threatening condition, it has become more critical than ever to seek timely help and professional treatment before the problem starts deteriorating all aspects of life. While there are different types of rehabilitation programs […]

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Various glasses filled with alcohol.

Alcoholism, the most severe form of alcohol abuse, is a debilitating condition in which an individual loses control over their drinking habits. Commonly referred to as alcohol use disorder, it is categorized into mild, moderate, and severe. Each category has different symptoms but can be equally harmful to the overall quality of life. Individuals struggling […]

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Black and white picture of a woman with her head in her hands.
Wet Brain Syndrome

Surveys suggest that approximately 6.2% of adult Americans successfully meet the clinical criteria for alcohol addiction. When people think about alcoholism and the problems it may induce, they usually picture fights, car accidents, and frequent run-ins with the police. The truth is that excessive drinking can also lead to a completely different range of severe […]

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Inpatient Alcohol Rehab

When it comes to considering your treatment options for alcohol addiction, you will come across a broad range of programs, each offering different benefits and amenities. Multiple factors, such as your past medical history, duration of addiction, and frequency of drinking, play a role in deciding which form of treatment suits you the best. Inpatient […]

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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

“Our anniversary is approaching. Would it be ok if I have a glass of wine?” “Can I have a bottle of beer with dinner now and then?” “I just found out that I am pregnant but I consumed alcohol just yesterday. Is my baby going to be fine?” It’s common for women to ask questions […]

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Statistics Of Alcohol Abuse

Death and disability are caused by alcohol drinking quite early in life. Alcohol is responsible for roughly 13.5 percent of all deaths among adults aged 20–39.

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Two dark bottles of alcohol.
Alcohol Poisoning

Did you know, almost around 6 Americans each day die from Alcohol Poisoning? This means 2,200 annual deaths due to Alcohol Poisoning altogether! It is tragic to see such a high number of deaths which can easily be prevented with just a little care! The consumption of Alcohol has become readily prevalent in our society […]

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Alcohol Allergy

What is alcohol allergy and is there even such a thing? It’s rarely heard that one is allergic to alcohol: a drink so widely consumed around the world. If one can get allergic to alcohol, what are the symptoms of it; what causes an alcohol allergy; what are its side effects; how long would these […]

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Alcohol and Panic Attacks

It is not unusual for someone who has grown addicted to alcohol to experience anxiety symptoms. This can occur as a result of the effects of alcohol consumption on a person’s body or as a result of withdrawal if they go too long without drinking. Serotonin and other neurotransmitters in the brain are affected by […]

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