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Treatment for Shopping Addiction

Shopping addiction is a dependency that involves compulsive buying as a means of feeling euphoria and escaping negative feelings, such as anxiety and depression. Although shopping is a normal activity, in the case of addiction it can begin to cause issues to a person as they become unable to control their shopping actions. This can lead to severe consequences and can put the compulsive shopper in a hard financial situation.

This addiction is among the more socially accepted addictions especially in the age of marketing and online shopping. The action of buying something new can cause the secretion of endorphin and dopamine triggering a reward. This feeling of reward quickly diminishes and is replaced with guilt as the person realizes that they wasted money and failed to control their actions again.


Symptoms of Shopping Addiction

If you suffer from two or more of the following symptoms you might be suffering from shopping addiction.

  • Do you shop when you experience negative emotions?
  • Has shopping caused your financial issues?
  • Does shopping cause conflicts between you and your family or close friends?
  • Does shopping create a feeling of euphoria?
  • After shopping, do feel a surge of excitement or adrenaline?
  • Does shopping make you feel guilty or embarrassed?
  • Do you buy things that you never use or need?