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What is Work & Exercise Addiction

Exercise addiction is a type of behavioral addiction defined by a compulsive and obsessive practice of physical activity. Although exercise is healthy, a person addicted to exercise obsesses over exercise and performs physical activities to the point of bodily harm and health deterioration.

Exercise releases happy chemicals in the form of endorphins and dopamine which are the same neurotransmitters when using a drug. This secretion creates a strong feeling of reward and the addicted individual needs to engage in physical activity constantly to maintain this reward.

Exercise addiction has been associated with body image disorders and eating disorders and often leads to physical exhaustion and severe injuries. Similarly, work can also become an addiction as a person might become too occupied with their work in a manner that is harmful to one well-being.

In the case of work addiction, an individual would sacrifice several aspects of their life including their time, sleep, health, and family relationships for their work. Work addiction often stems from a compulsive urge to achieve something in order to maintain a sense of euphoria or reward. A person might excel in their job but struggle with other aspects, and thus they will use their job as an escape from their shortcomings to remain fulfilled.

At THE BALANCE Work & Exercise Addiction Rehab Center we use a holistic and person-centered treatment method for ‘recovery’ from addiction. Our program incorporates a combination of talking therapies, complementary therapies, and medical treatments. Together these treatments build a program to help you identify and explore the underlying ‘causes’ of the addiction; we enable you to connect with and address difficulties and teach you the necessary skills required to change the addictive behavior. We call this method of treatment ‘a prescription for life’.

THE BALANCE treatment program does not only work to heal or mend the presenting symptom or problems, but we also endeavor to provide you with a lasting change in behavior to overcome the unhealthy addictive behavior patterns. We begin by asking you to be ‘curious’ about what brought you to this point in your life, and then help you to explore solutions to the underlying problems. This method is proven to lead to lifelong positive change.