Drug or alcohol detoxification, or ́detox ́, is the first step taken before entering treatment at THE BALANCE. Detox is for clients fighting drug or alcohol dependency.

The initial procedure takes place to stabilize the patient, after which they are then able to move on to comprehensive treatment. Having a detox prevents some of the most intense and unpleasant symptoms which can often be a result of withdrawal. Detoxing can help you become abstinent from drugs and alcohol. After stabilization, the focus of detox shifts to monitoring and supporting various processes within the body as it rids itself of the drug. It is important to note that detox is not considered a whole treatment for alcohol or drug addiction. Detox alone might help a person to stop abusing drugs and alcohol in the short term, but without follow-up care, medical, nutritional, and therapeutic work, the risk of relapse into problematic use again is high.

Clients at THE BALANCE benefit from a combination of psychotherapeutic, nutritional, and medical treatment as part of the post detoxification process. This is known as ́holistic ́ treatment and recognizes that all areas of a person’s life need attention to regain health and well-Being. Patients who opt for a medical detox stop taking all substances and alcohol. As they experience withdrawal symptoms, a short-term medication plan for this detox stage might require them to take certain medications for a limited period to ease discomfort. It is important also to note that long-term healthy relaxed sleep can take months to return based on other psychological and physical issues.

Controlled medications are available 24/7 to ensure patients have what is needed to get through the discomfort of detox as quickly as possible. e. These drugs can treat or prevent seizures and delirium and aren’t dangerous to take. . To treat the use of opioid drugs such as heroin and prescription painkillers, patients may be given the option to take longer-term medications. Over time, and under medical supervision, the dosage is lowered until the patient is drug-free.

Detoxification from both drug and alcohol dependencies is individual and based on the patient’s current health condition, severity and period of dependency. The amount of time that a patient spends in hospital for detox will also vary based on a client’s health, age, sex, and other individual variables. Typically, a detox takes between 3 to 7 days may take longer in more extreme cases.

At THE BALANCE we offer also purely alcohol or drug 7-day detox program. Contact us for further information.



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