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Weight Loss & Obesity Treatment

When do you need a weight loss clinic or Obesity clinic? Our weight can often tell us a lot about our general health and well-being. People who are underweight or overweight tend to suffer from several health issues compared to people with normal body weight.

Many diseases and illnesses take a toll on our bodies and affect our weight. When our appetite is affected we might eat more or less which can lead to bodyweight issues. Stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues can trigger abnormal eating habits. Being underweight can make our bodies weak and unable to produce enough energy. Our bones become brittle and all our organs and functions are impaired. When we are overweight, our body becomes too heavy for us to move freely. Our circulatory systems and nervous systems can suffer from significant damage. To help people recover from such issues and achieve idle weight, The Balance has created a treatment plan and weight control program that will assist you in reaching your goals.

Our body weight control and weight loss program cleans your body from toxins and the effects of unhealthy lifestyle choices and will help you lose weight, make positive lifestyle changes, maintain a healthy weight, develop routines for staying active and boost your mental and physical well-being. Under our nutritional and medical supervision based on our fasting model, you will find your ideal body weight and improve your vitality.

A personal chef will make sure that all meals are individually created based on your personal needs. Each client will receive a personal plan based on their needed calories, current metabolism, and how their bodies react to certain foods.

The way you experience food will improve. The meals are delicious and healthy at the same time, as well as a powerful source for your daily vitality. Complementary therapies such as personal training, yoga, massages, and more will help you along your journey. This program will help you overcome the challenges that prevented you from achieving a healthy body weight. The facilities provide a stress-free environment where all possible obstacles can be removed. You will achieve a better physical appearance, clean and detox their body and mind from unhealthy lifestyle choices, and for those who want to increase their mental and physical energy levels.

At THE BALANCE Weight Loss & Obesity Clinic Retreat Center, we use a holistic and person-centered treatment method. Our program incorporates a combination of nutritional coaching, complementary therapies, and medical treatments. Together these treatments build a program to enable you to connect to yourself and address difficulties and teach you the necessary skills required to change the behavior to food. Through tests and assessments, we will discover the needs of your body, and work along these results to achieve your best shape. All our ingredients are natural and freshly picked. The meals are prepared to suit different needs and tastes. The delicious food we provide will make dieting super easy. The exercises are carried away in a fun and entertaining manner to guarantee that you are benefiting from them and to ensure that they become a part of your life.

Weight Loss & Obesity FAQ

What are the Weight Control and Weight Loss Programs?

These two programs are concerned with weight. Being underweight or overweight are both harmful. Thus, our programs aim to develop a healthy lifestyle that is not too much or too little for what the body needs.

How are meals planned during the Weight Control and Weight Loss Programs?

The meals are personalized for each patient according to their needs. A personal chef will make sure to prepare what’s needed to each following the needed calories, current metabolism, and how their bodies react to certain foods.

What do the Weight Control and Weight Loss Programs consist of?

We aim to clean the body from toxins and the effects of the unhealthy lifestyle previously followed. According to your needs, we either help you lose weight, healthily gain, or maintain it. By developing routines, we boost your mental health and help you stay active.