Living in beautiful settings, you will experience being part of a safe and healthy surrounding. Our facilities are designed to grant visitors the ability to feel h secure enough to talk openly about the challenges they face in their life. Here, you will be accepted, regardless of your issues, thoughts, and past. With the support of our team and others in the programme, you will begin to make the changes needed to live a balanced and meaningful life. You will have in all locations a live-in counsellor, who will be with you 24/7, as well as a private chef.


Mallorca, Spain

Private Residence

The residences are situated in a beautifully spacious and luxurious countryside setting, this environment is aimed at those seeking individual retreats in the middle of healing nature.


London, United Kingdom

Private Residence

A spacious residence will be privately at your disposal in the vibrant heart of London.


Zurich, Switzerland

Private Residence

At the shore of Lake Zurich, you will feel comfortable in one of our residences overlooking the lake and the swiss alps.



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    Sunflowers: The Healing Sun

    Sunflowers got this name because they turn to the sun from the moment it rises to the moment it sets. Likewise, human beings need sunlight to recharge the body. Not only does the sun provide Vitamin D through the skin being exposed to sunlight, but it also boosts immunity and improves brain function.

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    Kinesiology at THE BALANCE
    Sympathetic Vs. Parasympathetic Nervous System: The Body Maze

    Although the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system are both parts of the autonomic nervous system and have plenty of effects on the body, the two almost opposites.

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    Staging an Intervention: Do’s and Don’ts

    Staging an intervention for a loved one, who is suffering from an addiction, is like helping up someone to stand. Seeing loved ones suffer is always tough, it is critical to remember that they are the ones who are and have been in this dark place, long before you’ve noticed.

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    Flashing Lights: Celebrities’ Addictions in the Dark

    Cameras, lights and social media have a way of deceiving the public sometimes into thinking that celebrities, royal people and high net worth individuals do not suffer as we do. They struggle with their mental health, addiction and burnouts.

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