Mallorca - London - Zurich

Located in a tranquil country region of Mallorca, not only will you experience our innovative healing methods, but you will also be subjected to the sheer natural beauty. In Switzerland you will experience the power of lakes and mountains and the London setting in the heart of London brings vibrant healing. The team working with you brings the experience from all three locations to bring you the best treatment possible.

All starts with a healing environment


Surrounded by outstanding natural beauty, the time at THE BALANCE, although rich and precious, also seems to pass by slower than usual. This allows you to enjoy and savour every moment you spend with us.

Attention to detail


We aim to make your stay as enjoyable as possible by making sure everything is just so. We pride ourselves in our meticulous attention to detail, doing everything possible to make sure you are comfortable, peaceful, and happy.

Beyond what is possible


At THE BALANCE, we push the boundaries to go beyond what is possible. The combination of our methods, the nature around us, and the attitude of our team help to make the impossible possible.

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