Mallorca - London - Zurich

In THE BALANCE rehab center, located the tranquil country region of Mallorca, not only will you experience our innovative healing methods, but you will treat your eyes with the beautiful natural views. In Switzerland, you will experience the power of lakes and mountains. The London setting in the heart of London brings you the power of vibrant healing. The team working with you combines the experience from all three locations to bring you the best treatment possible.

All starts with a healing environment


Surrounded by scenes of outstanding natural beauty, the time you spend at THE BALANCE, although rich and precious, will feel more like a vacation than anything else. This allows you to enjoy and savour every moment you spend with us.

Beyond what is possible


In one of the unusually green capitals in the world, nature and beautiful townscapes will collide to give you a serene and artistic setting. A great city of diversity that glows with culture and beauty, London will give an experience that no other city can match. Combined with the Services and facilities of The Balance, your stay with us will be nothing less than a rejuvenation of the soul.

Attention to detail


In the beautiful capital of the canton of Zurich, you will experience the charm of the alpine setting of the northern lake Zurich. We pride ourselves for our meticulous attention to detail, taking care of all needs and wants, to make sure you are comfortable, peaceful, and happy.


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Taking a Walk: Why Mallorca is the Ideal Rehab Destination

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The Wandering Beyond: Paracelsus

Paracelsus was the father of toxicology; use of minerals and chemicals in medicine, and was interested in both physical and mental health. He worked closely with patients and hated how doctors would put distance between them and people who asked for help.

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The Immortal Psyche: Carl Jung

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