Living in beautiful settings, you will experience being part of a safe and healthy surrounding. Our inpatient mental health facilities and alcohol & drug rehab facilities are designed to grant visitors the ability to feel secure enough to talk openly about the challenges they face in their life. Unlike traditional rehabilitation facilities, with us, you will be accepted, regardless of your issues, thoughts, and past. With the support of our team and others in the treatment program, you will begin to make the changes needed to live a balanced and meaningful life. You will have in all locations a live-in counselor, who will be with you 24/7, as well as a private chef.


Mallorca, Spain

Private Residence

The residences are situated in a beautifully spacious and luxurious countryside setting, this environment is aimed at those seeking individual retreats in the middle of healing nature.


London, United Kingdom

Private Residence

At the London Rehab UK, spacious residences will be privately at your disposal in the vibrant heart of the city.


Zurich, Switzerland

Private Residence

At the shore of the lake at our Zurich Rehab Switzerland, you will feel comfortable in one of our residences overlooking the lake and the swiss alps.



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    Nighttime can be the shortest time most experience when getting a good amount of sleep. You close your eyes and the sun has set and then a few minutes later, you’re opening them to a shining sun. However, for people who struggle with insomnia, this is not the case. Insomnia disrupts sleeping patterns and drains the body’s energy.

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    Power of the Dead: From Grief to Life

    Aristotle’s “man is a social animal” always rings true. Human beings do not live alone; rather, they seek companionship, even if unconsciously, and stick with a companion throughout life. Losing a loved one is losing a part of the soul. That being said, it’s crucial to never stop living. Grief consumes the souls of the living when the dead departs, and should never let it.

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