Build functional families

A family does not necessarily apply to our biological relatives, but to our close support network, made up of people who are there for, and care for each other. Families can come in all shapes and sizes. The notion of a ‘normal’ family is something we disregard.

Wanting to be part of a normal family, or even to be loved by our family, is an innate desire within all of us. Growing up in a loving, safe, and secure environment is something we all wish for, but unfortunately, this is not always the case.

We stand by your side

We understand that families are complex. They are constantly evolving and changing, and not always meeting the needs of each individual. If you have grown up in part of an unhealthy family environment, this will have had a large impact on how you understand yourself, others, and the world around you.


We can help you to address your upbringing and family life. Through a deep exploration of the needs of the individuals and the family collective, you will learn new skills to help improve relationships. We offer intensive family therapy, group discussions and various workshops, helping each relearn how to listen and respond without judgement, opening up new avenues for communication.


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