Do you need THE BALANCE?

Are you tired, dependent, angry, or depressed? Do you feel as though your life is a mess, and you do not know where to begin? Does your life seem meaningless and hopeless?

What you need to know is that hope is always around especially for you.

If you are suffering currently with any aspect of your life, we can help you achieve a positive change. We understand you and believe in your ability to rediscover real happiness and fulfilment. We are The Balance that you need to rehaul your entire experience and view of yourself.


A better you, for a better life.

Our team of experts will provide a full assessment of your health; mental, physical, and emotional. Through our analysis, explore the different components of your body and mind, identifying the strengths and the weaknesses. We will then design a unique care plan, based entirely around your needs. Our individualized plan will teach you to utilize your strengths and overcome your weaknesses.

Once your care plan is in place, we will help you focus on your goals and desired outcomes. Also, we will set realistic time frames in accordance with the time needed for each area of your life, as some can be resolved quickly, while others take more time and effort. The major parts of your recovery will be completed during your time at THE BALANCE, whereas others will require ongoing support. In essence, we provide a comprehensive experience based on your needs and preferences to ensure a pleasant recovery and a lasting change.

You will have team members who will be with you through your treatment. These members live on-site to give you support, care and motivation.

If you suffer from the following symptoms then you might need medical help.

  • You have several physical health issues that need addressing (overweight, high blood pressure, illness, insomnia etc).
  • You feel dissatisfied or bored in your marriage or relationships.
  • Emotionally, you feel angry, depressed, and suffer from low self-esteem.
  • You often drink too much and misuse drugs recreationally.
  • Your work is taking over your personal life.
  • Although your business is doing well, you feel stuck, lack exhausted, and lack motivation
  • Your relationships with friends are shallow and unfulfilling.
  • You have little time for fun, hobbies or things you enjoy.
  • Your daily life is overwhelming and feels as if it is too much to handle.


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