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Treatment for Compulsive Overeating Disorder

Compulsive Overeating Disorder has to do with our relationship to food is the first way we experience emotional regulation from our caregivers. So, a conscious relationship to food is one that is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Our psychological and emotional relationship to food is a complex one and is often connected to self-image and control, but there are many other aspects of eating disorders such as genetic, psychological, environmental, social, and biological influences.

When several risk factors combine, these factors increase the likelihood that anyone can develop a particular condition. The health implications of Overeating can be fatal, but it is a treatable condition.


How we treat Overeating

At THE BALANCE Inpatient Compulsive Overeating Disorder Treatment Recovery Center, we use a holistic and person-centered treatment method to help your ‘recovery’ with Overeating, talking therapies; including psychiatry, medical treatments, and complementary therapies to help relax and heal your body from the effects of Overeating. These treatments are tailored specifically to help you to identify where and how your eating problem developed in your life and help you learn new skills that will enable you to make a healthy recovery.

We will explore the impact the Overeating is having on your life and how ‘your belief system and lifestyle’ might relate to your unhealthy eating pattern, self-image, general health, and wellbeing. By exploring your ‘belief’ system and lifestyle our treatments at THE BALANCE will provide you with the necessary skills and tools required to change unhealthy or harmful eating behaviors and destructive beliefs that may have developed. At THE BALANCE rest, relaxation, healthy nutrition, and fun will be a healing aspect of your treatment for Overeating. We call this method of treatment a ‘prescription for life’. THE BALANCE program work at teaching you new life-changing skills and techniques that help to build resilience, enable you to take better care of yourself, and develop a healthier life pattern.