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Napoleon Hill was an American writer associated with the New Thinking movement and one of the first contributors to the modern genre of self-help literature. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest authors of success. At the time of Hill’s demise in 1970, Think and Grow Rich had sold thirty million copies, making it one of the best-selling books ever written.

The writings of Hill addressed the influence of human ideas and their function in success in life. From 1933 until 1936, he served as President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s counselor. “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve” is a signature expression of Hill’s. The central themes of Hill’s books were how accomplishment and success actually occur and a formula that makes it attainable for the average person.

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Napoleon Hill (October 26th, 1883–November 8th, 1970) was an American author and an early contributor to the current genre of personal-success literature.

Think and Grow Rich is among the best-selling books ever written and is his most notable work.

Hill was raised in poverty in a two-room cottage in the Virginia village of Pound, rural Wise County, as per his official biographer. He lost his mother when he was 10 years old. His dad remarried after 2 years.

At the age of 13, he started writing for small-town newspapers as a “mountain reporter.” He utilized his income as a reporter to enroll in law school but had to drop out due to financial constraints. In 1908, as part of a set of biographies of great personalities, he was assigned to interview Andrew Carnegie, who at that time was one of the wealthiest men in the world. This assignment is believed to have been the turning point of his career. Hill found that Carnegie thought the concept of Success could be simplified into a formula that the average person could replicate. Carnegie was so impressed with Hill that he asked him to interview over 500 successful women and men, including many millionaires, in order to identify and publish this success formula.

Thomas Edison, George Eastman, Alexander Graham Bell, Elmer Gates, Charles M. Schwab, Henry Ford, F.W. Woolworth, John Wanamaker, William Wrigley Jr., John D. Rockefeller, William Jennings Bryan, William H. Taft, Theodore Roosevelt, Jennings Randolph, and Woodrow Wilson were among those Hill interviewed as part of his research. During the 20-year duration of the project, Hill served as a consultant to Carnegie. Carnegie and Hill’s formula for rags-to-riches achievement was first published in 1928 in Carnegie’s book The Law Of Success. Until 1941, the formula was released in home-study courses, such as the seventeen-volume “Mental Dynamite” series.

Hill was the writer and publisher of Hill’s Golden Rule magazine from 1919 until 1920. He authored The Ladder to Success in 1930. From 1933 through 1936, Hill served as President Franklin Roosevelt’s counselor.

This success formula was extended in 1937 in Hill’s most famous book, Think and Grow Rich, which is in print and has sold over thirty million copies.

You Can Work Your Own Miracles, published after his death in 1939, was written by him.

Napoleon researched the concept of the success formula thoroughly. Carnegie explained to Hill that the success formula was so potent that formal education might be halved if students were taught how to use it. Carnegie stated that this method was utilized by all of the leading merchants and innovators of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Carnegie requested that Hill verify the use of the formula by the 500 wealthiest Americans (and others). The method can be summarized as “Whatever you give will come back to you,” a basic business tenet used by numerous companies today. In his book, Hill provided numerous examples of the formula’s use, including the early 1900s founding of the United States Steel Corporation, which generated $600,000,000 in net income.

With only a third-grade education, Andrew Carnegie became the richest man in the history of the world. Carnegie was a hundred times as wealthy as Bill Gates, according to some estimates (as a percentage of GNP of the US economy at the time). Hill mentioned numerous times in his book that Life is eager to pay any price you want.

In Hill’s epic classic Think and Grow Rich, Hill, and Carnegie spent much time analyzing the life of scientist Thomas Edison. It was mentioned in the book that the famous creator personally endorsed the success formula as a prerequisite for the achievement of all successes, including wealth.

Literature and world history are replete with attempts to explain the Carnegie formula. “Give and ye shall receive” is one such early version. Another proverb is “It is preferable to give than to receive.”

Additionally, Hill is credited for inventing the term “Master Mind” (more typically, Mastermind). The term “Master Mind” can be described as the “alignment of effort and knowledge in an atmosphere of harmony, between two or more individuals in order to achieve a certain goal.” In Think and Grow Rich, Hill outlines his concept of Master Mind organizations and how these groups can quadruple a person’s mental capacity and continuously stimulate positive feelings.

Napoleon Hill interviewed the most successful men in the US for 20 years in order to produce the very first book on the science of personal accomplishment. Throughout his research, he formulated 17 success principles. Definiteness of Purpose, Going the Extra Mile, the Master Mind Alliance, Applied Faith, Cosmic Habit Force, and Self-Discipline are explained as principles of success. Hill has cited these as the most essential success principles.

Andrew Carnegie, who hired Hill to conduct his 20-year research in 1908, was one of Hill’s most significant influencers. During his research, he found that significant positive influences on successful individuals included self-discipline, working in harmony with others, learning from adversity, selecting “pacemakers,” supporting oneself with positive mottos and books, being guided by Faith, and what Hill termed “Infinite Intelligence,” physical and social heredity, and the law of Cosmic Habit force, by which one’s routines and habits become ingrained in one’s character and personality. In these lectures, all of these beneficial outcomes are discussed.

In 1962, Hill and his last wife, Annie Lou, formed the Napoleon Foundation (Napoleon Hill foundation), which continues to produce his books, movies, audios, and lectures to this day. The six lectures were recorded but never released; the Foundation only discovered them recently. The Trustees of the Foundation have picked the title “Napoleon Hill’s Positive Influence” for this book since it discusses many of the factors that help individuals become successful and that drove Hill to his own achievements.

Think and Grow Rich 

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is referred to as the Granddaddy of all persuasive, positive, motivational literature.  It is the first book that asked, in an audacious manner, “What makes a winner?” Napoleon Hill, the man who questioned and waited for the response, is now regarded as among the world’s major winners. The most renowned of all success gurus spent a fortune and the best part of a lifetime of labor” to create the “Law of Success” theory that forms the foundation of his books and is so eloquently articulated here.

In the 1937 edition of Think and Grow Rich, Hill illustrates his concepts with tales of Thomas Edison, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, and other millionaires of his day. In the revised edition, Arthur R. Pell, Ph.D., a highly recognized author, consultant, and lecturer in human resources management and a specialist in applying Hill’s theory, skillfully interweaves anecdotal stories of how contemporary billionaires and millionaires like Mary Kay Ash, Dave Thomas, Bill Gates, and Sir John Templeton, attained their wealth. To avoid stumbling obstacles for a new generation of readers, archaic or obscure vocabulary and examples are meticulously updated.

Outwitting the Devil

In 1938, shortly after the release of his all-time best-selling book Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill declared that he had violated the Devil’s Code, requiring him to expose his secrets. The resultant text, Outwitting the Devil, was so controversial that it was concealed for over seventy years. Sharon Lechter has annotated and edited this significant text for a modern audience. Hill identifies the major barriers we face in achieving our own goals—including procrastination, fear, wrath, and envy—as tools coordinated by the Devil himself, using his fabled ability to penetrate the source of human potential. Hill presents the 7 principles of greatness that will enable us to eventually overcome these covert tactics of control and achieve success.

Outwitting the Devil is a fascinating, intriguing, and powerful guide to creating your path to prosperity, peace, and satisfaction in an era of fear and uncertainty.

Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude

Your mind conceals an unseen talisman. On one side are the letters NMA (negative mental attitude) and on the other side the letters PMA (positive mental attitude).  A pleasant outlook will automatically attract the admirable and attractive. The negative outlook will deprive you of all that keeps life worthwhile.

Your success, happiness, health, and money are contingent on your decisions!

When motivational forerunner Napoleon Hill and multimillionaire CEO W. Clement Stone partnered up to form one of the most remarkable collaborations in history, the outcome was Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude, the concept that asserted that anyone can achieve his or her goals with the right mental attitude.

This extraordinary work is now offered for the twenty-first century. You, too, can benefit from the program that has helped generations of individuals seek a better way of life – and find it.

The Law of Success

The Law of Success was a predecessor to Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Hill was renowned for his research into the differences between millionaires and the average person. This book’s sixteen lessons encapsulate what you need to understand to succeed in these challenging economic times. This book is the foundation for many of the most popular self-help books published today. The essential concepts of The Power of Positive Thinking, The Secret, The Law of Attraction, and The Millionaire Next Door are derived from this seminal text. You can now access it from the source. After reading this book, you will understand what gives some people an advantage over others.

By adhering to the tips provided in the text, you will have the upper hand. It’s time to stop speculating about what it’s like to be wealthy and begin learning. This book has altered numerous lives, and it can alter yours as well. This copy, unlike many others on the marketplace currently, is entire and unabridged! Wilder Publications is an environmentally conscious publisher. These books are printed upon request. This saves waste and helps the publishers maintain affordable prices while significantly lowering our environmental impact.

The Master Key to Riches

Learn how to open your thoughts to prosperity and success! This easy-to-read guide to personal accomplishment, written by the writer of the self-help classic Think and Grow Rich, is based on the ideas that led to the success of Henry Ford, Carnegie, Thomas Edison, and other 20th-century tycoons. Millions of readers throughout the world have accepted this ideology in order to achieve job development, enhance friendships and business connections, amass financial prosperity, and live fuller, more satisfying lives. These ideas can be utilized by individuals of any age, irrespective of their profession or economic situation.

Many centuries ago, Croesus, a rich and sage philosopher who served as an advisor to Cyrus, King of the Persians, said that he was reminded, and took this lesson to heart: there is a Disc or a wheel on which the life events and fortunes of men revolve, and its mechanism prohibits anybody from constantly being fortunate.

The fate of men is controlled by the Wheel of Life! It acts on the basis of mental power.

The Master Key to Wealth was created to empower men in their mastery and management of this vast wheel, so that it may be made to provide them with an abundance of anything they desire.

Grow Rich! with Calmness of Mind

In this enthralling book, the legendary writer of Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill, provides his most recent insights on acquiring what you want and making the most of it.

Here, in straightforward, easily comprehensible language, are the proven procedures for attaining the ability to make money and to experience genuine inner serenity. You will discover the following through Grow Rich! with Peace of Mind:

  • How to be successful in life and to be yourself
  • How to construct a strong sense of self with a healthy ego
  • How to win the job you desire and advance in your career
  • How to transform each obstacle into a fresh triumph

and more

Napoleon Hill’s Golden Rules: The Lost Writings

Napoleon Hill’s Golden Rules: The Lost Writings is a collection of magazine pieces he penned between 1919 and 1923 for Success Magazine, where he later served as editor. Hill’s preoccupation with attaining material success drove him from the impoverished Appalachian Mountains to study wealthy individuals. These articles focus on Hill’s concept of success, relying on the opinions and experiences of a variety of rags-to-riches tycoons to illustrate how they attained their status. Many of his works, like the March 1919 issue’s chapter on the Law of Attraction, have recently served as the basis for several best-selling books. Readers will uncover ideas that, if studied and implemented, will guarantee their success.

How to Raise Your Own Salary

This updated edition of How to Raise Your Own Salary is filled with failsafe strategies for learning the knowledge and skills necessary to increase your portion of life’s wealth. The theme of the thorough conversation between Andrew Carnegie and Napoleon Hill will captivate you. Concurrently, this classic work will drive your subconscious mind to put your goal of individual accomplishment into immediate action. This book will instruct you on:

  • Acquire wealth, power, and renown.
  • Learn how to define and attain your life objectives.
  • Make life reward you for your efforts.
  • Discover Andrew Carnegie’s whole success formula.



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