Immediate support delivered directly to your home

An Online Rehab & Treatment Program delivered from the world leader of holistic treatment for well-being, addiction, mental health, and eating disorders. From the privacy and comfort of your home, we take care of you day by day throughout the program.



After an initial assessment, we create an individual program based on your personal needs.



You will receive treatments from multiple therapists, which might include psychological & complementary therapies. This could be Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), Social competence training & Life skills, Coaching, Yoga & Spiritual Counselling, Nutrition & Diet Plan, and more.



The whole program is delivered via individual video call sessions and it includes 1-3 sessions per day. On top of that, we are on call for emergency issues. The IT infrastructure we use is completely safe and secure respecting your full confidentiality.



Based on the initial assessment, we will give you our recommendation for the length of the program. The average program is 2-6 weeks.



From EUR 3’500 per weeks.


Please contact us for further details.



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