Do you need THE BALANCE?

Are you tired, dependent, angry or depressed? Do you feel as though your life is a mess, and you don’t know where to begin? If the answer is yes, at THE BALANCE, we can help. Our purpose is to help you reclaim your life and reignite the light within you.


Bringing you, back to you.

Our team of experts will do a full assessment of your health; mental, physical and emotional. Through our analysis we will uncover all aspects of your life, those that work in your favor, and those that do not. We will then design a unique care plan, based entirely around your needs. Together, we can change what’s needs to be changed, and strengthen what needs to be strengthened.

Once your care plan is in place, we will help you focus on your goals and desired outcomes. We will help you set the time frames needed for each area of your life, as some can be resolved quickly, whilst others take a longer period of time. Some aspects of your recovery will be completed during your time at THE BALANCE, whereas others will require ongoing support. We stand by that ultimately, the choice always comes down to you, as we aim to provide what will fit the best with your needs.

You will have team members who will be with you through your treatment. These staff members live on site and aim to help you become more self aware, offering support when needed.

  • You have several physical health issues that needs addressing
    (over weight, high blood pressure, illness, insomnia etc)
  • You feel dissatisfied, bored in your marriage, relationships do not last
  • Emotionally you feel angry, depressed, and suffer with low self esteem
  • You often drink too much and misuse drugs recreationally
  • Work & life balance is 90/10 % - you have ‘burn out’
  • Although your business is doing really well, you feel stuck, lack motivation and are bored;
  • You have few real friends and no ‘joy’ in your life
  • You have little time for fun, hobbies or things you enjoy
  • You have never really acknowledged or grieved the death of a parent 5 years ago


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