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Care at the highest level

Abdullah B.

Managing Director

Abdullah acts as the company’s Managing Director and is responsible for the overall management of the organization. He is a profound health professional and holds two master’s degrees, one in General Management and one in Business Engineering from the University of St. Gallen as well as several degrees in integrative health & medicine, nutrition & food, Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness (MBSR), Life Coaching, and Addiction Treatment. He has gained vast know-how in the medical services industry through his involvement in several medical service providers.

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Dipl. Psych. Gita C.

Psychologist, Psychotherapist

Gita has been working on Psychotherapy and counselling in Mallorca since 2002. Additionally to her private practice in Palma, she has committed herself as a Head Therapist in a rehab centre treating alcohol addiction for many years. As a lecturer and trainer in systemic therapy, she passes on her acquired knowledge and experience. With more than 20 years of professional experience, she has undergone a continuous professional and personal training at home and abroad, including Psychoanalysis and Depth Psychology, Systemic Therapy, Hypnotherapy as well as Mindfulness and Meditation. Due to the interactions between mental, spiritual, and physical processes, she developed a holistic, cross-method view on humans and their possibilities of life design and evolvement. It is her passion for her work, her interest in related sciences and healing methods, as well as her focus on her clients ́self-efficacy, competence, and resources, what characterizes her work.

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Dr. med. Indhira G.

Family Physician, Nutritionist, Hypnosis, Alternative Medicine

Indhira obtained her degree of a dietician at the University of Toulon. She then pursued her university education by studying medicine until she attained her speciality of a general practitioner in Brussels, where she also studied homoeopathy and clinical hypnosis. She has worked in integrative medicine clinic in Mallorca specialising in the complementary treatment and above all in the prevention of health problems through homotoxicology and ozone therapy. She has specialized in integrative medicine to offer her patients as a priority, natural response as a means of treatment. She wants to provide the most comprehensive care for the person, understanding that the cause of physiological disturbances is often the result of an unbalanced diet, sedentariness, and the stress of modern life. These disorders evolve slowly, at low noise, and lead to chronic diseases. She conducts consultations in Spanish, French and English.

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Patric S.

Dr of Naprapathy, Acupuncturist, Sportsmedicine Therapist


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Enrique B.

Addiction Therapist

Anja D.

Psychologist, Gestalt & EMDR Therapist

Anja Dein was born in Germany where she studied psychology. Today she lives in Mallorca. She is specialized in clinical psychology focusing on:

• Gestalt therapy according to Perls
• EDMR trauma therapy according to Dr. Francine Shapiro
• Integrative body work according to Pacheco
• Strategic therapy according to Nardone
• Transpersonal Psychology and Holotropic Breathwork according to Grof

The principles of mindfulness do influence her work. She speaks and provide treatment in English, German and Spanish.

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Evana W.


Evana is a licensed psychologist with an origin of Syrian background. She holds a master from Middlesex University in applied psychology with a focus on clinical, child, and trauma therapy. She received her training and supervision through various international settings starting from Middlesex University for two years and Utrecht University in the scoop of addiction treatment. She is trained on Neurofeedback and rTMS and certified by the neuro centre of Nijmegen. She was able to complete her training in neuro_based therapy In Munich. She had wide experience and exposure to the Arab context through her work with the Dubai government by offering both therapy and consultancy in the areas of addiction, trauma, grief, anxiety, and child protection. In Switzerland, she extended her experience in one of the most exclusive treatment centres as a psychotherapist using an integrative approach connecting mind and body by using technics from ACT (mindfulness) and CBT and art therapy. She worked for in one of the most famous organisations in Brussels addressing international patients with severe trauma, dependency, and adjustment disorders from around the world using Narrative Exposure Therapy and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. Evana Ward provides her theory for Arabic, English and Dutch.

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Manfred S.

Hospitality Manager & Head Chef

Austrian master Chef gained experience in internationally awarded renowned hotels and restaurants. He also masters Ayurvedic and dietary cuisine. His stations include the Grand Hotel de‘l Europa Austria, The New York Hilton, Hilton Dresden, Carrington Club Newzealand, Au Crocodile Straßburg France, Fat Duck London, Palais Coburg Vienna. Manfred has been living in Mallorca for 4 years and he also works as a private chef for internationally prominent families.

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Yvonne Z.

Mindfulness Coach

Fredrik S.

Dr of Naprapathy


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Elke B.

Physiotherapist, Massage


Personal Trainer, Health Coach, Kinesiologist

Steve is a certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach and Kinesiologist. As a passionate athlete and personal trainer, he will help you to live a healthier and fitter lifestyle. He is your expert for personal-, athletic- and physio fitness training and healthy nutrition. Since his youth, he is a passionate athlete. That is why he decided to become a sports and fitness trainer and today he can look back on more than 15 years of professional experience as a fitness and personal trainer. Continuously educations keep him up to date. His motivation is the positive feedback from his clients and the love for the job. He is your expert for functional fitness and athletic training, kinesiology, health prevention, and nutrition.

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Petro K.

Rolfing & Somatic Experiencing Therapist

Jhonatan J.

Massage & Acupuncture Therapist

Sabine F.

Massage & Body Therapist

Sabine has many years of experience and expertise as a massage and body therapist. The professional and empathetic style as well as the holistic approach of her applications allow her to tailor her client's individual needs. The spectrum of therapeutic methods and massage techniques ranges from classical and modern to Far Eastern methods. She works holistically and across methods. She specializes in Craneo sacral therapy, Aromatherapy, Bamboo therapy massage, Herbal massage, Relaxation Massage, Sports massage, Deep tissue, Foot reflexology massage, Californian Massage, Ayurvedic Massage.

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Sarah E.

Cert Yoga Master (ISHTA), Yoga Coach

Yin yoga
Restorative yoga
Hatha yoga
Yoga Nidra
Breathing techniques
Yoga therapy
Yoga as a tool for life

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Katharina P.

Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer, Health Coach

Katharina is a certified Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer, Health Coach. She helps you to connect with your inner power and the deep wisdom of your heart, to bring healthy habits into your day to day life, and to create harmony on all levels – for body, mind, and soul. She is happy to be part of your journey: if it ́s with yoga, personal training or healthy & nourish nutrition. Since her childhood, she loves to do sports. Starting with ballet competition as a sprinter and basketball as a team sport, there later came the passion for running, pilates, strength training, and yoga. In my youth, she began to deal with different diets and found the right path to a healthy life for her. Through daily yoga and meditation practice, she finds happiness wherever she is. With many years of experience as a fitness and personal trainer, yoga teacher, and nutritionist, she can help you to live a healthier and happier life!

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Seán H.

Transformational Breath

Johan N.

Certified Medical Trainer, Sports Psychologist, Strength Training Expert

Medical Trainer Johan studied health, rehab and exercise in Sweden. He has been practising as a medical trainer at his clinic at the centre of Stockholm, as well as at companies and organisations for 20 years. Johan can find ways to be physically active for almost every unique situation, for example, people with mental problems, who are ill, have a pain diagnosis, or have difficulties moving. Apart from the specific physical exercise that Johan teaches, he also understands the important aspects of the human mind and the psychosocial situation of the client. Physical exercise should be adapted to the person's current status and can involve muscle-strengthening activities, neuromuscular exercise, dynamic/static flexibility training, and cardiovascular exercise. John is also specialised in exercise for mental health problems, age-related, neuromuscular, rheumatic, and neurodegenerative diseases, different disabilities, children and adolescents, obesity, and women before, during and after pregnancy. Johan trains his clients on English and Swedish.

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Georg H.

Private Chef

Andrea P.

Private Chef

Trained in Italian, French and Mediterranean Cooking with a unique experience in creating specific menus for intolerances and allergies. Graduated as Natural Chef in Milan, Andrea has also great experience in organic farming. He started his Private Cooking experience in Italy hosting events all around the country and working with many renewed Chefs. During these years he also collaborated with the National Cancer Institute in Milan in a fascinating project on the prevention and treatment of tumors thanks to a life-style changing and Nutrition. In 2015, he moved to Mallorca where he started his Private Chef Service combining his knowledge in Nutrition and his passion for the Mediterranean cuisine. Andrea works as a Private Chef for international families preparing dishes using only the best ingredients that support his client's health and wellness.

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Rosa S.

Private Chef

Grew up in the South of Italy, where she learned to enjoy the simple and genuine flavours from the Mediterranean, Rosa works within the authentic tradition of the Mediterranean cuisine, but reinterprets the great classics, fashioning them with a slight twist of modernism using fresh and sustainable seasonal ingredients. Graduated as a Natural Chef, trained in Bio-energetic disciplines and Naturopathy, she started her Private Chef Service in Mallorca in 2015. Well prepared for any request regarding special diets or food intolerances, Rosa design bespoke menus tailored to your tastes and preferences. She works all around the Island of Mallorca for private clients, international families and athletes.

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Yara K.

Marketing & Clinical Coordinator

Dania R.

Communications Coordinator


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