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The European island Mallorca promises clean seas, refreshing forests, and green spaces

Our health depends on many factors. Whether it be the mental aspect of the physical one, the effect of our conditions cannot be denied. Said conditions vary with our surroundings, environment, circles of people, and daily routines. In order to take better care of ourselves, attention to the tiniest details is a must. The environment, albeit not a tiny detail, is often overlooked, when it is an indispensable facet in the fight against our struggles. Thus, it is a must to find our own relaxing place in order to better our physical and mental health.

“I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees.” — Henry David Thoreau

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), health is the “state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” This points out the environmental factor, as well as the mental and physical ones, and the importance of its existence to form a fully healthy person.

Located in the heart of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca or Majorca is the largest island with outstanding scenery of natural beauty. This welcoming European island promises clean seas, refreshing forests, and green spaces. In THE BALANCE rehab center, located in the tranquil country region of Mallorca, not only will you experience our innovative healing methods, but you will also treat your eyes with beautiful natural views.


Mallorca is ideal for Physical Health Rehabilitation

WHO gives the environment great importance when it comes to its relationship with physical health. Air, water, and soil pollution, climate change, and chemicals contribute to more than 100 diseases and injury.

The Guardian published an article recently detailing the physical risks an unclean environment can bring. The article takes examples of real studies from selected countries and highlights that “of every 1,000 babies born alive, more than 80 will die before the age of five.” Lives in cities are at risk mostly more than in the villages where clean air and trees are wide-spread.

Picture of a house on a hill facing the sea in Mallorca.

Diseases and illnesses spread viciously when an environment is not clean, much more when it is crowded and overflowing with fast-paced lives. In fact, the spread of COVID-19 is further proof of the danger of overpopulation and air pollution. The newly discovered virus, which has been plaguing the world for almost a year now, swarmed packed places and used those as vessels to spread out.


Mallorca is ideal for Mental Health Rehabilitation

Stress, as we’ve defined it on our mental health page to be the response humans have to specific demands that surface from the pressures of our daily life will lead eventually to burnout. This is why it’s critical to tackle all aspects that add to that depletion of energy. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, contact with nature has been proven to be the solution to achieve relaxation and stress recovery.

Luxury Substance and Mental Health Rehab Marbella Spain

Moreover, the European Commission conducted a study to relate noise and its impact on health.  Through their research, they deduced that living in a quiet area is better for the health. Comparing the quality of life for people living in quiet and noisy locations shows that those who lived in quiet locations had a better quality of life.

Substance Abuse Treatment in Europe Mallorca

Add to that, the accumulation of pollution, noise and the congestion of people, buildings and cars will only help in adding further strain on the mind. A study shows that 46% of people who struggle with depression live in crowded and small places with no means of a window for a breath. Their living arrangements, though most times mandatory and not freely chosen, help in worsening the conditions of their depression. Take a look at our pages for depression here.

Contact with nature and a calm environment is one step towards changing and challenging ourselves to get to better conditions. The World Travel Guide preaches Mallorca’s spotless beaches and protected nature reserves that are important for wildlife and ensure no air pollution. Add to that, the central plains agricultural terrains and vineyards and extremely clean waters are widely known as Mallorca’s defining features. This island indirectly protects its inhabitants just by being naturally clean. Taking a walk along the shores of Mallorca or inside through the city is one way to de-stress.


Mallorca is home to the world’s most exclusive rehab center

In our center at Mallorca, we provide an array of services at the highest quality. During your time with us, we will prove you with the finest of luxuries, including a personal chef, a 24-hour concierge, access to a range of leisure activities, and many more.

Surrounded by scenes of outstanding natural beauty, the time you spend at THE BALANCE, although rich and precious, will feel more like a vacation than anything else. We aim to walk through your forests and make sure you come out taller than the trees inside. We step in with you through your struggles that may seem endless and carve a path together. On your right, the beautiful lakes of Mallorca, let’s take a short break to sit and smell the fresh air. On your left, the calm cities. Hear that? It’s your peaceful mind finding its place. And now, let’s move forth, where we continue to carve our own way. We’re growing taller as we go, do you see?