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Physical Rehabilitation

Our better body mobility program helps you improve your movement agility and general well-being. Under our nutritional and medical supervision, you will make positive lifestyle changes and experience lasting vitality. A personal chef will make sure all meals are individually created based on your personal needs. Find out more about our premium physical rehabilitation program.

The way you will experience food will improve, it is delicious and healthy at the same time, as well as an effective source of daily vitality. Complementary therapies such as physiotherapy, personal training, yoga, massages, and more will help you along your journey. This program is for people who feel tired, stiff, and have a lack of energy.

At THE BALANCE Physical Rehabilitation Center, we use a holistic and person-centered treatment method. Our program incorporates a combination of nutritional coaching, complementary therapies, and medical treatments. Together these treatments build a program to enable you to connect to yourself and address difficulties and teach you the necessary skills required to change the behavior to food. We call this method of treatment ‘a prescription for life’.