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Our diverse teams of qualified professionals are motivated by their passion for improving lives and their work ethics. Coming from a range of fields, including; business, dependency recovery, trauma, psychotherapy, healing, and physical therapy - we all share a desire to bring empathy, honesty, and transparency into our professional work environment. Our collective vision is to facilitate healing, assist growth and positive life change, and ultimately, enable clients to repair their minds and bodies.


Together we have created a unique centre, providing tailor-made treatment and care. We aim to provide the best possible support for individuals and their families who are seeking lasting life change. Our focus goes beyond evident symptoms and issues and into the underlying issues that keep our clients from experiencing true recovery.

With the help of some of the best specialists and experts in their fields, our clients receive only the most exceptional and professional treatments.


Working in partnership together, we can offer ongoing support and treatment for your client. You will have the option to work with us and design an ideal aftercare treatment package, creating lasting positive change. If you need continuing medical or therapeutic support, our team will be available to offer you specialized care based on the understanding they gained from their time with you.


  • Biochemical Restoration of Body & Mind
  • One client a time - intensive, unique, proven and 100% tailored with 24/7 support
  • Treating the complexity of underlying issues from a 360°
  • A 5-star luxury, private and discrete residence with premier hospitality to feel at home


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    latest news & research
    Sunflowers: The Healing Sun

    Sunflowers got this name because they turn to the sun from the moment it rises to the moment it sets. Likewise, human beings need sunlight to recharge the body. Not only does the sun provide Vitamin D through the skin being exposed to sunlight, but it also boosts immunity and improves brain function.

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    Kinesiology at THE BALANCE
    Sympathetic Vs. Parasympathetic Nervous System: The Body Maze

    Although the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system are both parts of the autonomic nervous system and have plenty of effects on the body, the two almost opposites.

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    Staging an Intervention: Do’s and Don’ts

    Staging an intervention for a loved one, who is suffering from an addiction, is like helping up someone to stand. Seeing loved ones suffer is always tough, it is critical to remember that they are the ones who are and have been in this dark place, long before you’ve noticed.

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    Flashing Lights: Celebrities’ Addictions in the Dark

    Cameras, lights and social media have a way of deceiving the public sometimes into thinking that celebrities, royal people and high net worth individuals do not suffer as we do. They struggle with their mental health, addiction and burnouts.

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