Weed Psychosis

Psychosis is frequently linked with other mental disorders, but drugs can also induce it? Different drugs have long been recognized to induce psychotic symptoms

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Two hands holding marijuana.
Marijuana Addiction

Known by many street names like grass, pot, weed, ganja, bud, and marry jane, marijuana refers to the dried stems, flowers, seeds, and leaves of the popular Cannabis sativa plant. Loaded with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a highly psychoactive component, this drug is one of the most commonly abused illicit drugs in the United States. Typically used […]

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A rolled joint next to a marijuana leaf.
Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Do you believe that you are shackled by weed addiction? If yes, then Marijuana Use Disorder is a disease that can only be cured with marijuana addiction treatment. According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, one in five teenagers tend to become addicted to marijuana. Why? Because of THC – the psychoactive component. Simple speaking, marijuana is […]

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doctor holding a leaf of marijuana
Weed Rehab


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How Long Does Weed/Marijuana Stay in Your System

Marijuana can be detected over several months after use by daily users. The highest detection times have been recorded to be over 90 days.

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