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Before getting started about the very commonly prevalent Norco Use Disorder, one must know what this drug is, how it works in the human body and what dosage of Hydrocodone results in Norco Addiction. In this in-depth article, we will discuss the short-term side effects of Norco drug addiction along with its long-term side effects. You will be getting every answer about Norco drug abuse, the withdrawal from Norco pain pills, and its overdose.  

Coming under the name of Vicodin, Norco is used widely among the population as a cure to chronic pain and in post-surgeries. According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, more than 23 million people over 12 are Hydrocodone (Norco) abusers. 

In 2012, almost 2 million people tried Norco-based opioid drugs and were being reported officially. The stats get dangerous and are alarmingly elevated, followed by increasing deaths due to drug overdose. In 2009, Norco (Hydrocodone) drug was reported in around one lac emergency room visits, which depicts its addictive nature. 

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Folks using Hydrocodone develop a severe problem, Norco use disorder, which can bring different side effects and symptoms. 

Norco addiction can lead an abuser to serious health issues, in some cases, even coma and eventual death, if not treated in time. 

Being a potent opioid, the drug Norco has a great tendency to addict its user within no time. To get rid of Norco drug disorder, one has not to take it unless it is a medical emergency and within the prescribed limits. 

Any dose other than the prescribed limit by your consultant will come under the banner of Norco addiction. 

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Note: According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine, about 2 million Americans have a Norco drug disorder. 

Let us get started with the composition of Norco first. The drug Norco happens to be a combination of two medicines, Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone. 

Being an opioid painkiller medicine, Norco is being given to alleviate pain in unendurable and unbearable situations. 

Acetaminophen, being a less potent drug to relieve pain, when mixed with Hydrocodone, works remarkably by diffusing into the bloodstream. Doing wonders, the drug Norco works amazingly and eases pain within no time.

Besides being a pain reliever, Norco also acts as a cough suppressant.

According to the statistics, Norco is the most prescribed opioid painkiller in the United States. 

Knowing that Norco is an opioid drug, one cannot ignore that it must be habit-forming. You get addicted to them in no time without even realizing you have started to, which makes it a rather dangerous drug. 

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Keeping the fact mentioned above in mind, it is vital to keep Norco miles away from a person who had developed any drug abuse earlier. Because it is clear, in them, chances of getting addicted to Norco gets disturbingly higher. 

Who Can Use The Drug Norco

Anyone can be prescribed this opioid drug; however, this drug is not for you if you are in any of the below-mentioned cases.

  • People who have developed a drug addiction earlier (Norco addiction in particular)
  • Folks who are allergic to Norco, Acetaminophen, or Hydrocodone. 
  • Alcoholics 
  • People with severe Asthma
  • Pregnant women 
  • Breast-feeding women 

Norco is taken orally and works efficiently when taken in the right amount at the right time. However, there is a strong possibility of the body becoming dependent on the drug if taken for an extended period.

Note: Do not take Norco if you have used an MAO inhibitor in the last couple of weeks. Bearing both in combination can result in a dangerous cascade of reactions.

Prescribed Dosage of Norco In Adults

Doctors usually recommend taking a tablet or two after every six hours of 300mg of Acetaminophen and 5mg of Hydrocodone. However, the dosage can be increased or decreased depending on the severity of the patient.  

One can take as many as eight pills of Norco every day.  

When your body stops reacting to the regular dosage, you feel the urge to take more of it, and before you realize it, you get addicted to Norco within no time.

Hence, the probability of developing a Norco drug abuse is highly likely. Norco drug abuse and the signs and symptoms of Norco withdrawal are meticulously explained later.

Note: Any dosage more than prescribes would fall under the banner of Norco drug abuse.

Norco is a potent opioid available in almost every pharmacy for alleviating pain and used as a cough suppressant. Being a powerful drug, Norco has its importance; however, the fly in the ointment is the drug being available illegally for addiction purposes.

Norco addicts can use the drug in the following ways:

  • By crushing the tablet and sniffing it
  • By crushing the pill and snorting it
  • By simply swallowing it 

Note: Almost 80% of all chronic drug abusers have had Hydrocodone as their first.

Abusing Norco brings about an onset of side effects. They can range from mild to severe depending on the condition of the abuser.  

Norco abuse side effects show how addictive Norco is and how dangerous it can be for anyone who has had a history of drug abuse.  

The opioid drug can trigger some reactions, and hence, prescribing it to a variety of patients needs to be taken care of.

Below-mentioned is a few of the triggers, usage of Norco can strike:

  • Hydrocodone can slow or stop one’s breathing hence is not recommended for patients who have Asthma or any other breathing-related health issue.
  • Norco can cause damage to the liver; hence it is not recommended for people with liver failure or related health issues.
  • Serotonin Syndrome is a condition caused by Norco reacting with another drug taken by the patient at the same time. Hence, making sure your doctor knows about every medication you take is crucial.

Note: Stop taking Norco and reach out to your doctor if you develop a spreading rash with blistering.

Here is all you need to know about Norco addiction signs.

Short-Term Side Effects of Norco Addiction

Short-term side effects and signs of addiction to Norco are as follows:

Slow Breathing 

Norco addiction signs include slow and labored breathing. Norco drug abuse, in general, slows down almost every metabolic reaction and normal body function, resulting in lesser efficiency of the respiratory system.

State Of Euphoria

Norco pills can induce a state of Euphoria in the addict and provides a sense of relief, because of which an abuser cannot withdraw from the drug and keep using it.

Fentanyl Abuse and Symptoms of Addiction

Norco painkiller addiction leads the abuser to keep taking Norco pills high, withdrawal of which causes depression and anxiety in a Norco addict.


Lethargy is caused by the slowing down of the body’s metabolic rate. Mental inactivity and pain relief together cause a state where the addict doesn’t sense the environment around him. 

Bowel Obstruction 

Addiction to Norco causes bowel obstruction if the drug is being used multiple times and more than prescribed. 

Intake of Norco pills upset the normal peristaltic movement of the intestines and upset the digestive system. 


One of the short-term side effects of Norco use disorder is altered heart rate. The heart rate sometimes becomes too slow, a condition is known as Bradycardia, and sometimes gets too fast, known as Tachycardia.

Arrhythmia is one of the acute signs of addiction to Norco. 

Rashes Or Hives

Developing hives and rashes are a comparatively severe health condition caused by Norco dependence. If intake of Hydrocodone causes you a rash or a hive, it is significant to reach out to a medical officer and seek help.

Urinating Problem 

Knowing that Norco intake slows down the normal body functions, urinating problems also arise in Norco addicts. 

Long-Term Side Effects Of Norco Addiction

Some side effects of Norco drug abuse have a long-term impact. They are crucial to look after as they can cause dangerous scenarios, eventually with an addict ending up dead. 

Cardiac Arrest

Norco painkiller addiction can depress the activity of your heart and induce a heart attack. A cardiac arrest due to Norco drug addiction can be fatal.

Liver Damage 

Generally, the toxicity of any drug can cause damage to the liver and kidneys. In Norco painkiller addiction, the liver is brutally damaged. Liver damage is most important to discuss in the list of long-term side effects of Norco Addiction. 

Hearing Loss

Long-term addiction to Norco can cause hearing loss in its addicts. 


It is challenging for a Norco addict to leave the high pills to cause Norco’s withdrawal, leading to anxiety and a state of depression, which is unlikely to be controlled by the abuser, and he feels the urge to get more of the drug. 

Heightened Pain Sensitivity

Hydrocodone (Norco) alters the pain pathway so that the human does not feel or perceive the same amount of pain with the same intensity. 

Norco Cravings

People addicted to Norco go through craving episodes in case they do not get the desired dosage. Gradually they increase the intake due to the high tolerance developed in the body. 


Norco drug addiction leads the abuser to be dependent on the drug. If not available, the patient goes through an episode of anxiety and depression, and other physical symptoms, which are unbearable and unendurable for anyone to handle. 

Modify Pain Pathway 

Modified pain pathway due to the Norco drug abuse leads to the high tolerance of the drug. The abuser would want to take more of the drug every time because of the patience created in the body. 


Norco drug addiction causes tolerance of the drug in the human body. 

Wreak Havoc On Social Relationships

Norco addiction behavior is easily recognizable. Norco use disorder takes the soul out of life. 

These signs of addiction to Norco wreak havoc on social relationships. The abuser remains confused and undecisive around people. All in all, the social life is significantly suppressed due to addiction to Norco. 

Mental Health Issues

Norco addiction side effects include mental health issues. Hydrocodone addiction has a direct impact on one’s state of mind. For instance, Norco addiction providing the abuser with euphoric feelings. 

All a Narco addict can think of is getting the drug by any means, which makes him confused and dangerous for himself.


Induction of coma due to Norco drug disorder is a severe health condition. Norco abuse paralyzes the mind capacity and, in severe illness, can induce coma, making the person brain dead. 


For anyone who has been taking Norco addiction non seriously, a Norco use disorder, if left untreated, can prove to be fatal and end up a person dead. 

Norco abuse usually starts from developing tolerance with regular intake of Norco due to some injury or surgery. Within a short timeframe, one gets dependent upon the drug, physically as well as mentally.

Norco addiction behavior is not any different from any other signature opioid abuse behavior. Its symptoms are alarming and highly suggesting.   

Here is a list of some common signs and symptoms of Norco addiction.


A Norco drug abuser feels drowsy most of the time and feels the urge to retake the dosage very shortly after a few hours.


Norco disorder causes the abuser to feel euphoric and tension-free of all the ongoing hassles of life. All in all, paralyzing the mental stability of the abuser. 

Pinpoint Pupils

Pinpoint pupils are generally one of the most common physical features of a Norco drug addict. 

Mood Swings And Anxiety

Mood swings and anxiety make one of the most prominent behavioral changes in a Norco drug addict. All a Hydrocodone drug addict can think of is using Norco pills high


Norco addiction affects the abuser’s sleeping cycle and causes Insomnia at its best. Usually, Norco withdrawal is followed by episodes of Insomnia.


When high on Norco pills, the abuser can usually sweat and feel euphoric with no sense of his environment. 

Bradycardia And Tachycardia

Norco use disorder is very often related to heart rate problems. Causing Bradycardia and, in some instances, Tachycardia, Norco abuse tends to create rhythm issues in the abuser.  

Note: The probability of a Norco drug abuser shifting to heroin or fentanyl abuse is alarmingly higher.

Cutting down on Norco abuse is challenging; however, people around the abuser can always be a great help by looking out for the signs a typical Norco drug addict possesses. 

Side effects of Norco withdrawal are suggestive and the same as any other opioid withdrawal symptom.

Withdrawing from an opioid, such as Hydrocodone, brings a series of reactions the withdrawer has to go through. The abuser can experience symptoms from mild muscle aches to severe breathing difficulties, depending upon the severity of the addiction. 

Norco withdrawal is challenging; however detoxification process makes it easier under the supervision of a medical professional. 

Detoxification, also called Norco Detox, removes the drug from the bloodstream before the treatment. 

Here is a brief description of the Norco withdrawal cure, along with its signs and symptoms. Some of the common Norco withdrawal symptoms are:

  • Muscle aches
  • Breathing difficulty 
  • Nausea and vomit 
  • Anxiety and mood swings 
  • Depression 
  • Norco cravings 
  • Norco dependence 
  • Lethargy 
  • Headaches 
  • Bowel problems 
  • Flu-like symptoms 
  • Chills 

Signs and symptoms of Norco withdrawal usually are at their peak within the first 72 hours. It takes approximately a month to get rid of the drug and detoxified. 

Withdrawal symptoms of Norco vary and range from being mild to extremely severe.

Norco Addiction Withdrawal Time

Norco withdrawal symptoms usually last for 5-7 days. There is a high chance of drug relapse, so proper medical treatment is necessary to soothe the withdrawal symptoms and ensure irreversible detoxification of the drug. 

Norco Withdrawal Symptoms Timeline

Withdrawal symptoms of Norco have an onset after six hours of the last taken dosage. The withdrawal signs and symptoms peak in the first 72 hours and last between a month or longer. 

Norco Addiction detox is a rather complicated procedure, and getting rid of the physiological dependence of the abuser is challenging; however, it is achievable. 

The Norco detox timeline can vary from person to person, depending on the period the drug has been taken. 

Overdosing on Hydrocodone (Norco) can prove to be as dangerous as getting hit by a truck on a highway. 

Besides experiencing disturbing side effects of Norco abuse, overdosing proves fatal, resulting in different medical health issues. 

Some of the possible outcomes of Norco dependence and overdosing it are:

Nausea and Vomiting

The earliest sign of overdosing on Hydrocodone (Norco) is getting nauseated with intestines undergoing anti-peristaltic movements resulting in vomiting out whatever food you take in. 

Weak Pulse Rate

Norco drug abuse and overdosing can lower down the pulse rate to an alarming level.

Labored breathing

Breathing is usually affected in Norco abuse. However, overdosing on Hydrocodone can result in difficulty breathing, which can need medical supervision at hand. 


Nails and skin can turn blue (Cyanosis) if Hydrocodone is taken in alarmingly high amounts. 

Low Blood Pressure

Norco addiction has a direct effect on your blood circulation. Overdosing Norco can result in lower than average blood pressure. 


Overdosing on Norco can go exceptionally wrong and cause seizures in the abuser. In this scenario, medical help is crucial. 


Affecting the mental stability at its best, Norco use disorder can induce coma, halting all the physical activities of life.


Coma, in turn, can cause the death of the Norco drug addict if not taken care of immediately. 

Conclusively, Norco addiction has become a problematic scenario in the contemporary world, and one has to fight while going for this opioid. Norco use disorder needs to be taken care of vigilantly to lower the number of people addicted. 

Being a widely prescribed efficient painkiller, it is hard to brush it off from our lives. However, one can benefit from it if specific points are taken care of, never leaving a narcotic to a drug addict being the most prior of them.

Beholding your loved ones suffering from Norco abuse is heart-wrenching. Providing a sense of Euphoria, this drug may be habit-forming but is not impossible to leave. 

Folks addicted to Norco live their lives in a euphoric state, with their lives at the mercy of Norco dependence. Norco addiction is usually followed by poor relationship statuses and exacerbating most of them.

Seeking out the right help saves time and an addict’s life in particular. Keeping in mind the long-term effects of Norco, one must avoid Norco pills high to the maximum extent possible.  

Detox from Norco is demanding and exigent, but it is never too late to seek Norco withdrawal help from the proper authorities. Medical professionals take good care of Norco addiction withdrawal symptoms under their supervision. 

All in all, Norco’s painkiller addiction is not impossible to leave behind. Withdrawal from Norco pain pills can be challenging, but there is a way wherever there is a will! 

The hope of withdrawing from Norco addiction may seem like pie in the sky, but gear up and achieve the impossible!



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