Lyrica Addiction

What we don’t know can often hurt us when it comes to prescriptions. The same goes for Lyrica, a potent painkiller and anti-anxiety drug previously thought to be non-addictive and completely safe for use. Abuse of Lyrica and other similar drugs often begins with a false sense of security around its safety that arises because […]

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White pills with medicine bottle in the background.
Gabapentin Addiction

Gabapentin is a popular anti-seizure medication sometimes prescribed to relieve pain from shingles or other neuropathic issues. While it is not a controlled substance or narcotic in the United States, experts commonly refer to it as an opiate potentiate that can amplify the effects of heroin, morphine, and other prescription painkiller medications. Despite a low […]

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A pill storing case overflowing with colorful and white pills.
Painkiller Addiction Treatment

The path to painkiller abuse has various starting points. Some individuals may begin taking these drugs for a real medical issue, like cancer-related pain, while others may begin abusing them without knowing how strong and addictive they can be. The truth is that addiction of any type does not discriminate and can potentially hit anyone. […]

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A person holding a pill in their hand.
Painkiller Addiction

Most of the patients frequently visit doctors with a complaint of pain along with other symptoms. Almost one-third of Americans are suffering from chronic pain and are managed by painkiller prescriptions. Every 2 patients out of 100 develop painkiller addiction. Firstly, know that painkiller abuse is very common. 259 million people were prescribed pain meds in […]

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Woman clutching her arm in pain.
Muscle Relaxer Addiction

When you’re feeling backache or muscle spasms or you have stiff muscles or pain of an injury, operation, or specific body posture, the physician will prescribe you a pain killer or muscle relaxer. These medications can be used for the short term or the long term depending upon the severity of the pain and patient […]

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Woman lying on the ground with pills and pills sachets around.
Robaxin Addiction

Known by its generic name Methocarbamol, Robaxin is a prescribed medication used as a muscle relaxant. Prescribed as an Over-the-counter drug, Robaxin is used to treat skeletal muscle conditions that cause severe pain. Approved by the FDA in 1957, the use of Robaxin can relieve acute muscle pain and stiffness. Its effect is best achieved when […]

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A pile of white pills.
Norco Addiction

Before getting started about the very commonly prevalent Norco Use Disorder, one must know what this drug is, how it works in the human body and what dosage of Hydrocodone results in Norco Addiction. In this in-depth article, we will discuss the short-term side effects of Norco drug addiction along with its long-term side effects. You […]

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