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Known by its generic name Methocarbamol, Robaxin is a prescribed medication used as a muscle relaxant. Prescribed as an Over-the-counter drug, Robaxin is used to treat skeletal muscle conditions that cause severe pain. Approved by the FDA in 1957, the use of Robaxin can relieve acute muscle pain and stiffness. Its effect is best achieved when used in combination with other treatments and physical therapy. Methocarbamol can relieve muscle spasms that prolong the recovery time after a muscle injury.

Robaxin works by suppressing the activity of carbonic anhydrase in the Central Nervous System (CNS). Although the exact mechanism is still unknown, Methocarbamol blocks the body’s pain signals after a muscular injury. Belonging from a class of non-narcotic analgesics, people taking Robaxin have a lower rate of Robaxin addiction. However, Robaxin abuse is often reported in people with a history of substance abuse. 

Even if the possibility of Robaxin abuse is low, users may ask questions such as ‘is methocarbamol addictive? ‘is methocarbamol a narcotic?’ and ‘can you overdose on methocarbamol?’ You can better understand the answer to these questions when you learn more about the use of Methocarbamol and what are the possible risks of Methocarbamol abuse.

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Robaxin abuse usually occurs when people mistake these muscle relaxants for opioids with side effects of Robaxin similar to other narcotics such as drowsiness, dizziness, and fatigue which makes user Robaxin ‘high’.

People with a history of narcotics, opioid abuse, and addiction are prone to psychological development to Methocarbamol. Similar to other drugs, Robaxin use disorder occurs when people take a higher dose or more frequently as directed. 

This indicates the possibility of Methacabamol addiction that in some cases leads to Robaxin overdose. Keeping in mind the harms Robaxin use disorder poses to your health, doctors only prescribe the dose that suits the patients’ medical condition and pain level.    

To avoid muscle relaxer Methacarbamol abuse, users must first understand what Robaxin is? 

Note: Robaxin is a central Nervous System depressant that works by inhibiting acetylcholinesterase which blocks pain signals. 

Although the analgesic factors and side effects are similar to other opioids, the chemical composition of Robaxin is different from opioid, that puts Methocarbamol at low risk of Robaxin addiction. The side effects experienced provide some discomfort, but they resolve mostly on their own when these muscle relaxants start to wear off.

Robaxin is available in tablet form, but depending on the pain level and the severity of the muscle damage, it is administered in different ways. These include:

  • For oral administration, an NG tube and suspension of crushed tablets in water or saline.
  • For IV infusion, the patient should be in a recumbent position for 10-15 minutes.

The risk of addiction may be small, but the chances are comparatively high, especially for those with a history of drug abuse. Methocarbamol abuse occurs when the patient experiencing severe pain is encouraged to take more than the required dose to achieve instant results.

Drug addicts can always find new ways to achieve the desired effect; this can include combing the drug with sleeping pills, snorting Robaxin, or taking a handful of these pills with alcohol.

Let’s clear this lingering ambiguity surrounding the use of Robaxin; the answer is No! Methocarbamol is not addictive because, unlike other opioids, it does not produce a feeling of euphoria, which is commonly associated with other forms of pain relievers.

However, as discussed earlier, there is always a possibility of Robaxin overdose when taken in large amounts, resulting in drowsiness and fatigue.

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Due to this reason, Methacarbamol is only legally purchased as it can be habit-forming due to the ‘high’ patients often experience with Robaxin use disorder.

Doctors are well aware of the risks of overdose and the possible combinations users try, thus prescribing the medication for short-term use only. It is a common occurrence for drug abusers to take Methacarbamol in excessive doses to experience dysphoric effects.

Note: With the number of people choosing the road to Robaxin addiction, it has been classified as prescription-only medication by the Controlled Substance Act.

Initially, the recommended dose of Robaxin is Six grams per day for the first 48 hours to 72 hours of treatment. Doctors reduce the dose as the pain threshold gradually decreases.

Note: Methocarbamol reduces the persistent muscle contraction by acting on the nerve endings, thereby reducing muscle spasms.

The daily dose depends on the severity of the injury ranging from three 500mg tablets four times a day or two 750mg tablets four times daily. Due to the risk of injury in geriatric patients, the use of Robaxin should be avoided. 

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It should be noted that Robaxin can be sold without a prescription; it should never be overused. However, people using Robaxin tend to forget the health risks associated with Methocarbamol abuse and delve deep into the pits of Robaxin addiction.

As mentioned above, the possibility for Robaxin addiction is relatively low, making it a less likely candidate for drug abuse. However, one should always keep in mind there is a chance of turning the use of Methocarbamol into possible Methocarbamol addiction. 

The likelihood of such occurrence is because people in the quest for immediate results cross the line of well-being, leading to serious consequences. 

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While patients often report the relief Robaxin provides, there is still a danger of Methocarbamol addiction. 

Note: An estimated 53,000 emergency room visits in 2011 were attributable to Robaxin abuse, while 18 % of these cases were related to the possibility of Methocarbamol addiction caused by alcohol use. 

Methocarbamol abuse occurs when patients feel the prescribed dose is not managing their symptoms effectively, so they tend to self-prescribe a higher than the recommended dose. No doubt taking the drug in a greater dose can relieve the symptoms, but as your body becomes dependent on it, you are more likely to end up on Robaxin overdose. 

A common problem with muscle relaxants is that people often have this misconception that they can go back to their routine by once taking the drug. 

However, patients, especially those on muscle relaxer Methocarbamol ‘high’, should be warned against performing tasks requiring close attention and operating heavy machinery.

In terms of appearance, people with Robaxin use disorder appear to be normal, which can be a telltale sign of possible Methocarbamol addiction. So how to recognize if some have Methocarbamol addiction potential? Well, you can ask them about the effect Robaxin has on them.

‘How Does Robaxin Make You Feel?’

If you ask someone this question, you may get the answer ‘great‘ ‘fantastic‘ ‘superb‘. Who wouldn’t feel great once their pain disappears? But these feelings are also accompanied by slight discomfort once you start taking medicine. 

From headache to fatigue are some first signs of discomfort that appear when you get used to Robaxin.

However, with Robaxin abuse, people are accustomed to taking drugs that are more than required to feel the desired effect they were craving for hence the feelings of doing superb. To be 100% sure, if someone is going down the road of Robaxin abuse, some signs and symptoms can help you out.

While many people believe that muscle relaxers are harmless, Robaxin has serious side effects and is prone to abuse. Other drugs like heroin and meth do take up the spotlight for drug abuse; it is important to note that the potential of muscle relaxer Methocarbamol abuse is not rare. 

The answer to your question ‘can you abuse Robaxin? is yes, just like any other drug. So how can you identify if someone is abusing Methocarbamol? Well, here are some symptoms that can indicate if someone is on the pathway to Robaxin abuse:

  • Cravings for Robaxin
  • Taking a high dose of Robaxin
  • Recreational use of Methocarbamol without a valid medical reason
  • Symptoms of fraudulently getting a prescription
  • Ignoring duties due to Robaxin addiction such as work, school, or family.
  • Isolation from friends and family
  • Buy multiple prescriptions from a doctor
  • Craving Methocarbamol
  • Thinking you cannot function without Robaxin

There are other ways to determine how long someone has been taking Robaxin or whether they might be abusing the drug. This is likely investigated by how long Methocrabamol stays in your urine which is through a drug test.

Robaxin Drug Test

Standard drug tests can determine whether Robaxin is present in your body and how much it is. Urine drug testing is often used because the detection window of use is long and less invasive. Methocarbamol can remain in urine for up to 4 hours after oral administration. 

Although a Robaxin drug test can help you determine if someone is abusing Methocarbamol, the chances of detecting Robaxin in a drug test are not so high.

Once your body has reached a level where it cannot process the excess amount of Robaxin, it leads to a massive build-up of substance in the body. People don’t realize that this build-up results in dangerous side effects.

Overuse of anything can lead to serious side effects that can change the course of your life forever. People with Robaxin use disorder are well aware of the health risk but ignore the warning signs just because they believe the thrill of muscle relaxer Methocarbamol’ high’ has far more value than life itself. 

Snorting Robaxin and combining Methocarbamol with alcohol are some of the faster ways to achieve the immediate pain-relieving and soothing effects the drug abusers seek. Sadly, drug addicts don’t realize the side effects the misuse of Robaxin can have on their well-being. 

Those side effects include:

  • Blurred vision

People with Robaxin abuse have tightly constricted pupils. This results in pupils not responding to low light, thus impairing vision. Blurred vision is due to constriction of blood vessels that leads to either loss of vision or blurred vision.

  • Memory problems

Drug abuse impacts your ‘prospective memory’ memory that is responsible for reminding you that you need to remember something. Robaxin addiction causes people to think they have forgotten to do something. This memory links the brain’s ability to plan and perform multiple tasks.   

  • Insomnia

Drug addiction and insomnia often co-exist; due to lack of sleep, many people experience emotional and physical problems leading to self-medicating with drugs and alcohol. To ‘enhance’ sleep, people combine the intake of alcohol and drug.  

  • Constipation

Methocarbamol affects your digestive system by limiting bowel movements. Using Robaxin over a prolonged period can result in fewer than three bowel movements a week, leading to difficulty in passing stools.

  • Low Blood pressure

Robaxin addiction impacts your health once your body fails to accommodate the excessive build-up of the drug in the system. This often affects the heart, which has difficulty pumping blood to other parts of the body due to a lack of proper oxygen supply, thus resulting in low blood pressure.

  • Depressed Mood

People who abuse Methocarbamol feel lonely and depressed most of the time. This feeling overtakes when your body is unable to function without the presence of Robaxin, thus making users of methocarbamol realize the calm they felt was solely because of Robaxin.

Severe Side Effect of Robaxin Addiction

Some severe side effects of Robaxin use disorder that can last up to several days or weeks include:

  • Fever

Fever caused by drugs is a symptom of adverse drug reactions. When you take Robaxin beyond the recommended dose, your body experiences hypermetabolism that causes fever. Intake of Methocarbamol can prevent peripheral heat dissipation, increase the metabolic rate or induce a cellular response resulting in tissue damage.

  • Dizziness

When Robaxin is used in an excess amount, it alters the connection between the brain and ear that causes rapid acceleration and deceleration, thus resulting in dizziness.

  • Hallucinations

Hallucinations often occur when you take too much of Robaxin. This can further be precipitated by mixing different substances. People with underlying mental health conditions are prone to having hallucinations when they combine Robaxin with either alcohol or sleeping pills.

Additional side effects in severe cases include persistent vomiting, jaundice, facial swelling, chest pain, irregular heartbeat, and difficulty breathing. In extreme cases, suicidal thoughts can also occur sometimes due to the intake of large doses.

Withdrawal symptoms occur when you stop taking the drug; however, Robaxin’s withdrawal symptoms may appear, but this drug is not specifically known to cause any withdrawal symptoms.

People who take Robaxin feel muscle relaxer methocarbamol high, which leads to the user craving the drug once the intake has stopped.

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Robaxin withdrawal symptoms are manageable for someone taking the appropriate dose of Methocarbamol to help relieve pain. When you stop taking the drug, you can experience pain in about one to two hours. Pain is relieved again as you take the medication.

To avoid any possible health risks, doctors gradually taper off the drug. Physical therapy and rest are recommended to prevent the onset of pain or any side effects once the patient is laid off Robaxin.

Robaxin Withdrawal Symptoms

Due to different chemical compositions compared to other opioids, the risk of any possible Robaxin withdrawal symptoms is low. Doctors, however, are always on the lookout for possible symptoms once there is no use of the drug to manage the pain.

With the low occurrence of Robaxin withdrawal symptoms, drug addicts are at a high risk of experiencing them due to a history of drug abuse; therefore, a gradual transition is advised when stopping the treatment to avoid any serious side effects.

Some of these symptoms include:

  • Redness and heat on the skin
  • Poor physical coordination
  • Diarrhea
  • Bradycardia
  • Tachycardia
  • Pain

Robaxin withdrawal is most likely to occur when the person feels stiffness or pain once the medication wears off. Rest is often recommended to manage the pain or illness. 

Since Robaxin abuse is less likely to occur, doctors always list down the warning signs of possible overdose when used in excess amounts or combined with sleeping pills, sedatives, or alcohol.

To clear any confusion regarding whether you can overdose on methocarbamol? It is important to keep a lookout for the amount of Methocarbamol used. 

Methocarbamol is recommended in different doses depending on the type of administration. A standard prescribed dose is 500 mg tablets orally four times a day to 7500mg tablets every 4 hours a day. One of the common ways drug addicts seek to achieve the desired effects is by snorting Robaxin, which can take more than the recommended dose.

This ultimately results in an overdose which in some cases can lead to fatal circumstances.

Signs of Methocarbamol Overdose.

You may not realize when someone is on a direct pathway to muscle relaxer Methocarbamol abuse. Early detection of Robaxin abuse can save the lives of people with Robaxin use disorder. However, overdose symptoms are not well known since the person abusing them appears to be functioning ‘normally’.

Here is a list of signs that can help you warn doctors if someone is on the verge of losing their life.

  • Memory loss
  • Severe Drowsiness
  • Lack of Concentration
  • Weight Loss
  • Decreased Appetite
  • Mood Swings

Although it might be difficult to detect if someone is taking Methocarbamol for recreational purposes, you can always keep a close eye on your loved ones if you see them acting strange. Timely management can result in preventing serious health risks associated with Robaxin abuse.

It is no secret that opioid pain relievers have a high potential for drug abuse, leading to addiction; however, Methocarbamol has a low risk of drug abuse.

A prescription is still required from the doctor to use Robaxin due to some side effects patients experience when they indulge in Robaxin abuse. Methocarbamol addiction, as discussed, can have repercussions that affect the life of the one using the drug and those around him.

People with Robaxin use disorder can recover from a prolonged period of drug abuse only if they choose to. There are various treatment options that you can choose if only you are willing to take the first step.

No doubt, the first step is always hard, but with the help of your loved ones, you can always regain control of your life. 

So, seek help to overcome substance abuse and start over with a new sober life.



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