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There is no exaggeration that alcohol and drugs have taken root in society as a part of normal cultural life. Whether someone gathers with friends at a bar or simply goes out for dinner, alcohol is always present in life. Similarly, drug use has also been rising, particularly in the younger communities, as the new trend and culture of the modern world. Those who abstain from these substances face many questions, ridiculous looks, peer pressure, and even condemnation from certain people.

Amidst these rising trends, there is hope for a better world, especially with an increasing number of celebrities turning to sobriety and abstinence with every passing year. Over the years, many celebrities have come forward to explain their struggles and speak about their personal choice to ditch drugs and booze.

Deciding to go teetotal is entirely personal and can be particularly challenging, primarily due to the multiple social occasions revolving around drinking. This is why it can be constructive to hear from others who have crossed the line and made it to a sober life. Listening in on why some of the most famous faces in the world chose to go sober can also be comforting and inspire others facing similar challenges. With that in mind, mentioned below is a list of 15 sober celebrities till 2023 who have overcome their addiction challenges and are currently entering the new year with sobriety.

Bradley Cooper

From 2001 to 2006, Bradley Cooper starred in a famous TV series called Spy. Many people don’t know that the actor was going through a difficult phase in life during this time. He was thinking of changing his profession after getting minimal screen time while suffering from alcoholism simultaneously. However, in 2004, the actor overcame his addiction and prevented it from destroying his life.

Daniel Radcliffe

The famous British actor rose to fame through his role as Harry Potter but soon got caught drinking as fame fell on him apart from his underlying condition called dyspraxia. As he struggled to get the tiniest things done, Radcliffe resorted to heavy alcohol use, which sometimes got so intense that he would turn off after a drinking session and forget what happened to him in most instances. However, he soon realized how his addiction was destroying his life and developed a fear of doing something under the influence that he could not correct later on. Upon reflecting more on his addiction and its impacts on his life, Daniel decided to go sober and has not drunk since.

Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. has battled both drug addiction and alcoholism for a long time. The situation got so worse that he once entered a neighbor’s house, undressed, and went to bed in their guest room under the influence of alcohol. Downey also faced imprisonment secondary to his addictions before he was finally rescued by his wife, Susan. According to the Iron man famed actor, his wife is his savior who must be recognized as a saint for helping him overcome his addictions and live a sober life, which he successfully maintains.

Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes struggled with alcohol dependence for years before seeking rehabilitation in a clinic in 2008. The American actor has successfully been maintaining her sobriety and mentions how she is really proud of other people who have the fearlessness and determination to face their demons and kick them out of their lives as she did.

Zac Efron

Zac Efron managed to stop drinking in 2013 following a brief stay in rehab. In 2016, he mentioned how his newfound sobriety had supported him in finding structure in life. It allowed Zac to change his monotonous routine instantly and dramatically and made him realize how he viewed himself through other people’s eyes. Realizing that he had not been himself, he decided to get up and do something that made a difference in his personal life, and one of his efforts was getting rid of his years-long battle with addiction.

Christine Davis

The famous Sex and the City star has always been suspected of suffering from pernicious alcohol addiction. However, she attempted to escape this vicious cycle by attending Alcoholics Anonymous for multiple years. Christine describes her reason for abusing alcohol as her fear of the stage and shyness. She was seriously addicted until the age of 25, following which one of her friends saved her life by forcing her to join yoga classes and recover. At the moment, she has reportedly developed a terror of alcohol and even wished to give up her role as Charlotte in the famous series as she was involved in drinking cocktails all day.

Matthew Perry

The recovery timeline for Matthew Perry, the actor who rose to fame for his famous character in the sitcom Friends, was complicated. He had been struggling to get over his alcoholism for years and once succeeded in achieving it. Perry even went ahead and converted one of his houses into a shelter for people with similar addictions or hazardous habits. With multiple relapses here and there, Matthew is currently sober and more than happy to extend his experience and tips on quitting alcoholism.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck has been struggling with alcoholism for several years and has always been vocal about his sobriety. The batman star has also been extremely open to the public about his rehab stays and family history of addiction. He finally expressed his wish to stop drinking in 1997 and sought professional help in 2001. After multiple rehab visits and a family-led intervention, he finally went sober but soon relapsed afterward. Ben regards these incidents as sober slips and mentions how they fail to affect his determination to quit alcohol and distance himself from it for good.


The rap icon is not only known for his unique vocals and music. The entire world knows about Eminem’s battle with opioid addiction, which was fueled by spousal abuse, childhood trauma, and the murder of a close friend. These factors took a massive toll on his musical output, health, and physical appearance for most of the 2000s. Fortunately, Eminem successfully challenged his struggles in the music and reached out for help to finally overcome his drug abuse and currently enjoys a sober life.

Chrissy Teigen

As the loving wife of John Legend and a mother to his kids, Chrissy Teigen realized how her drinking problems were becoming a huge problem once she went through a life-saving abortion in 2020. This incident incited a determination in Chrissy to give up on her drinking habits, and she was able to achieve this goal with support from her spouse and her two surviving children.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey, the undisputed media queen, has shown the world how life exists outside the spectrum of drug addiction. The famous anchorperson spilled the beans about her addiction in 1995 on her talk show, where she allowed viewers to relate to her struggles and use them to build their own success stories that others can emulate one day.

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore initially chose to keep her alcohol abstinence struggles a secret and shared it with the rest of the world after successfully maintaining sobriety for two years. On a famous talk show, Drew admitted that she had been stuck in a destructive cycle that forced her to make significant changes. These big changes led her to experience a feeling of empowerment in life. The actor went on to explain how she kept her sobriety journey a secret from the world as she wished to build enough confidence to discuss it personally. Berry closed the discussion by mentioning how this newly acquired lifestyle was working well for her, and she is enjoying her newer and healthier life.

Naomi Campbell

The world-famous supermodel sat down with Vogue UK to discuss her struggles with alcohol, which particularly took a bad turn between 1998 and 2005. The addiction was so bad that it prevented Naomi from looking at herself in the mirror in self-contempt. However, she decided to battle this problem by joining Alcoholics Anonymous to stay sober. She also checked herself into rehab to overcome her cocaine addiction in 1999 and has been sober ever since. Years after, Campbell does not shy away from talking about her experiences with drug and alcohol addiction to help others in need.

Florence Welch

The 34-year-old singer first opened up about her sobriety journey in 2015 during an interview for Billboard. She mentioned how she used to drink alcohol before every performance to overcome her shyness and gain confidence. Welch went on to admit how she took enough to restrengthen so that she could finally give up alcohol and live a sober life, and she has been successfully keeping up with this lifestyle up till now.

Lily Allen

Lily Allen has recently celebrated 18 months into sobriety. She has also been refreshingly open about her lifelong addiction battle and sobriety journey over the years. Lily also mentions being in a healthy and happy relationship with a partner who has dramatically supported her in maintaining abstinence.



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