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Celebrities make headlines every now and then as their lives are not only controversial but always being watched by fans and media. One of the hot topics of celebrity gossip is their addiction and drug use. News about addiction in celebrities is always fresh. One celebrity or the other is always caught up in drug use. There are many reasons why drugs usage in celebrities is so high.

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The reasons behind drug abuse in celebrities include the public image they have to maintain and the expectations they need to meet. This includes the need to look perfect and have your body look a certain way. This also means maintaining high energy levels during performances.  dealing with pressure takes a toll mentally as well and can lead celebrities to drugs. Celebrities usually lead troubled lives and to deal with it they start using it. Keeping up the ‘Rockstar’ image also means to do drugs for recreational purposes and to look “cool”. This also leads to addiction and drug abuse.

Once entangled in this web, celebrities find it very hard to get themselves out. They do not have the time or the mental strength to deal with it, so they find it easier to just continue the cycle. This develops more tolerance in their bodies and they start to need higher doses to achieve the same effect. Due to this, their body starts suffering the diverse effects of drugs. Such extreme addiction is hard to overcome. Many famous stars have suffered addiction. Notable names include Elton John, Sylvester Stallone, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Demi Lovato, and so on.

Before we move on to discuss treatment options and rehab facilities, let us first consider a few common drugs abused by celebrities. Many drugs are commonly available on the market but a few make their way into the homes and parties of celebrities. Alcohol is one of the most commonly consumed substances used by celebrities. It is used when celebrating success, or when drowning one’s sorrows. Alcohol can lead to addiction. Consumption of alcohol in large amounts is very harmful to the body, and can eventually lead to death and organ failure. When combined with certain drugs, the combo can be lethal.

Drug Abuse in Celebrities and Film Stars

Made from the native South American plant, cocaine is another highly addictive drug used by celebrities as a recreational drug. It has serious long-term effects in case of abuse. Marijuana or weed is smoked publicly by celebrities, Snoop Dog being one of the famous ones, known for his weed consumption. It also has damaging effects like weakening immunity. Other drugs include Xanax, heroin, and steroids which each can be addictive and lead to harmful effects on the body and mind.

In order to overcome addiction and drugs abuse, facilities and services are available. The biggest hurdle is usually to accept that you need help. The next step is to actually look for a way to get help. Thirdly, one must consider all the available options and choose what is best.

Celebrities are usually reluctant to open up about their addiction as they do not want the public or media to find out about it. Accepting help could mean risking their privacy and being vulnerable to the eyes of the paparazzi and public. They are usually already in a very sensitive state of mind and do not wish to be exposed in any way that could further add to their worries.

Let us first assess the treatment options available to drug addicts. Many rehab facilities across the globe offer support in terms of medication, accommodation, and even psychological services such as therapy. So, an addict has good odds of recovery once they commit to rehab, as all aspects are carefully considered and dealt with effectively and individually.

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The general structure of rehab facilities and treatment is the same everywhere and for all people. Psychiatrists are present to help addicts overcome emotional and mental issues. Being in recovery could be troublesome on the mind and withdrawal symptoms kick in, so emotional stability is needed. In addition, medical supervision is also important to deal with withdrawal symptoms and help the individuals overcome addiction in an effective way. Each person is monitored throughout their time at the center and observed closely.

Celebrities and Privacy

When it comes to celebrities, however, things could be a little different. Though the overall treatment received is more or less the same, it does not end there. For a celebrity in rehab, privacy and security are just as important as mental help and treatment. Once the paparazzi learn about a celebrity’s arrival at a rehab facility, the eyes of the cameras and fans follow them there and try to catch a glimpse of their every move. This could not only invade their privacy but could also jeopardize the sanctity of the place and the privacy of other patients at the facility. For this reason, it is essential that celebrities have access to more private and isolated rehab accommodations where they are kept away from prying eyes.

Celebrity Security

This in turn leads to the question of security. Celebrities need to be guarded at all times so as not to be disturbed by anyone unwanted. As fans are always looking for a way to peep at their favorite celebrity, it could be dangerous if the celebrity is left to fend off for themselves. Therefore, the rehabilitation facilities offering treatment to celebrities need to have a good security system. Security needs to be assigned to each individual celebrity keeping him or her out of danger at all times.

Luxurious Lifestyle

Celebrities grow accustomed to the luxurious and VIP treatment they receive in their daily lives. It is this standard of living that they wish to maintain when they decide to relocate temporarily to a rehab facility. They could be gone for days or months depending on how extensive the program is. Due to this reason, rehab facilities for celebrities need to be built having this standard in mind. They need access to helpers, cooks, maids, cleaners.

Luxury Alcohol and Drug Rehab Marbella Spain

While in recovery, the aim is to ensure the addicts mental health. Taking away their standard of living and isolating them without providing the facilities they are used to and depend on, can be proved to be very challenging when fighting personal battles like an addiction. Thus, it is crucial that celebrities get the same, or at least similar, comfort as their homes.

Maintaining an Image

In addition to these factors, another factor that can be important in celebrities; maintaining their celebrity image. In order to keep alive, the image of a celebrity who only goes for luxurious, top-of-the-line options, celebrities tend to opt for the most state-of-the-art, extravagant facilities. This could also act as an incentive for the celebrity to agree to get treatment while maintaining their celebrity image and making headlines for availing the best and modern rehab facilities there are out there.

Celebrity Rehab Facilities in USA

Noteworthy facilities for celebrities are available in Hollywood. The Dune, a new facility located in New Hamptons provides the luxurious treatment. A 15,500 square foot house in Malibu, called Passages, is another celebrity standard facility, which accommodates no more than 12 guests at once. Crossroads in Antigua is also another facility offering rehab and other activities such as yoga and meditation while allowing inhabitants to relax and have a good time.

As mentioned earlier, many stars are in rehab or have been in rehab over the years. As expected, they have availed the most luxurious facilities. In 2001, Ben Affleck opted for ‘Promises’ a rehabilitation facility in New York which is known for accommodating celebrities. Mathew Perry and Robert Downey Jr are also amongst celebrities who have checked in at Promises. Again, in 2018, Jennifer Garner was seen driving ben to a facility called The Canyon Treatment Center.

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Britney Spears has had a troublesome time with drugs too. In 2007, she also opted for ‘Promises’ in Malibu. The facility allows guests to just relax by the beach and make their stay enjoyable and luxurious.

Lindsay Lohan has also made several headlines regarding her addiction. She has been in rehab several times. In 2007, she voluntarily went to ‘Wonderland Center’ in Los Angeles, where she stayed for 30 days. Later that year she was taken to ‘Promises’ in Malibu, where she stayed for 45 days. After her release, she wore a bracelet to monitor her alcohol intake. Only months later, she was caught using cocaine and was taken to Utah’s Cirque Lodge Treatment Center for a three-month stay.

In 2010, and again in 2012, she went to the Betty Ford Center, another popular facility amongst celebrities.

With all these factors in mind, The Balance Luxury Rehab Mallorca offers a state-of-the-art rehab facility to help overcome addiction in the most luxurious environment and setup. Offering emotional and medical support, we cater to the needs of each patient individually. We recognize the need for privacy and luxury sought by celebrities and high-profile inhabitants.

Relaxation and comfort are our top priority along with effective rehabilitation of the patients in a peaceful environment. We ensure to remove any factors that might make the occupants feel uncomfortable, delivering a modern and extravagant setup to perfectly fit the needs of those seeking treatment.

Athletes and Sports Professionals Luxury Treatment and Rehab

Privacy and confidentiality are maintained in all aspects. Security is strict and scrutinized. We provide an executive experience so that you may be at ease mentally and physically and focus on getting better. You do not have to burden yourself with any extra pressures; leave it all to us.

We are providing luxurious services to executive patients. Each patient gets a private villa, chef, driver, and housekeeping facilities. Our 5-star Rehab facilities include a pool and a beautiful garden with complete privacy. So, once you commit to getting better, allow us to provide you a home away from home!



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