A person with his hands stuck in a balloon that spells the word Love.
Sex, Love & Porn Addiction

For most people, an addiction always involves drugs or alcohol. However, addiction is an illness that targets an individual’s brain and can include attraction to anything or anyone. Addiction to love and sex is a common manifestation of 33illnesses, and just because it does not involve any harmful substance does not make it any less […]

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A tiny shopping cart with money in it.
Shopping Addiction

Whether it is a new piece of clothing, the latest gadget, or even food, everyone experiences a desire to splurge from time to time. Indulging in these occasional overspending habits is certainly not bad, especially when someone is doing it in moderation without disrupting their finances. However, for some people, this urge to shop becomes […]

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Social Media Addiction Statistics

Social media usage is nearly universal although the mechanism and reasons for how and why are people addicted to social media might differ around the world.

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Gambling Addiction Treatment

Gambling is often considered to be a thrilling, harmless entertainment, but it can develop into a concern for some people. “Problem gambling” is a term used to describe this sort of compulsive activity. Gambling addiction is hazardous to one’s mental and physical well-being. Depression, headaches, anxiety, gastrointestinal problems, and other anxiety-related issues may develop in […]

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Playing cards and chips on a table in a casino.
Gambling Addiction

Contrary to popular beliefs, addictions extend from substance and drinking into habits as well. Behaviors, such as shopping, social media, and work can become addictive in their nature. Behavioral health is as important as mental and physical health, it needs attention to even the little details, in order not to go over the limit and […]

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How To Get Rid Of Porn Addiction

Pornography addiction, according to mental health professionals, is caused by a combination of factors. It’s more than likely due to a mix of variables. A biochemical imbalance in the brain, neurological disorder, and/or an actual psychological illness are some of these variables.

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Porn Addiction Symptoms

Porn addiction occurs when a person’s emotional dependence on pornography becomes so strong that it affects their everyday life, relationships, and capacity to work. It’s possible that this form of addiction is extremely widespread. Some doctors classify porn addiction as a hypersexual condition, which encompasses behaviors including compulsive and/or excessive masturbation.

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Workaholics Treatment

Have you worked more than 50 hours this week? Do you consider yourself a workaholic? As it seems, just being addicted to working long hours isn’t enough to qualify you as a workaholic. If you add a continuous concern with work to the point that it interferes with everything else, you’ve got yourself a workaholic red […]

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Behavioral Addiction Treatment

Addiction can manifest itself in a variety of ways. Physical reliance distinguished by symptoms of withdrawal is often presumed to be necessary for somebody to be identified with an addiction disorder, but behavioral addiction can take place with all of the adverse repercussions in an individual’s life without the physical problems that people who face […]

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Three coins: Ripple, Etehereum, and Bitcoin next to a micro SD card.
Crypto Addiction

Living in the 21st century, you have probably heard of the word ‘cryptocurrency,’ especially in the past couple of years, but not everyone who has heard of it knows what it is, how it functions and that some suffer from “crypto addiction”. In order to understand it, we must break the word ‘cryptocurrency’ into two. […]

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