Luxury Inpatient Mental Health Rehab Facilities with Exclusive Hospitality Services

During your time at THE BALANCE, you will stay in a private and luxurious setting. We aim to make you feel completely at ease by surrounding you with abundant nature and making sure all your needs are met.

Locations Perfectly Picked to Retreat

THE BALANCE is located in Mallorca, London, and Zurich

Located in the tranquil country region of Mallorca, not only will you experience our innovative healing methods, but you will also be subjected to the sheer natural beauty. In Switzerland you will experience the power of lakes and mountains and the London setting in the heart of London brings vibrant healing.

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Choose your favorite way of Accommodation

Luxury Accommodation Facilities

During your time at THE BALANCE, you will stay in one of two beautiful settings. We aim to make you feel completely at ease by surrounding you with abundant nature and making sure all your needs are met.

We don’t promise what we can’t deliver

Excellence in Hospitality Services

We pride ourselves on our first-class hospitality services, making sure your every need is met with grace and efficiency.

Your bell-beeing with all aspects

Your Private Holistic SPA

In need of some time to rest, relax, and rejuvenate? Take advantage of a private spa complete with five-star facilities.

Your bell-beeing with all aspects

Privacy & Discretion

We understand that life flourishes in equilibrium. We know that full recovery requires a connection as well as privacy. That is why we provide a space that is solely yours, in which you can unwind and connect with yourself.


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Postpartum Depression: Mothers’ Struggle

Giving life to a new soul is sometimes compared to a miracle. The long journey a woman has to go through to give birth is exhausting; both mentally and physically. The human body embraces the changes it has to go through in order to conceive but it does so with several side effects. A lot of new moms experience Postpartum Depression upon being physically separated from their child.

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Sleep & Yoga: Endless Benefits

With every decision we take, our bodies and health are affected. Taking the simple decision of drinking more water per day, for example, has infinite advantages. Even if it sounds easy, your body will be thankful. Sleep is a vital tool for survival, but sometimes that’s unattainable. Nightmares plague us, insomnia tries to disturb our night and restlessness awaits us. Thus, yoga must be included in our routine to help the body and mind.

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One Client at a Time: Benefits and Outcomes

Taking care of ourselves should always be a priority. Problems arise with the complexity of life. Turning into rehab, counseling, or a treatment center might be a heavy step but it is brave. It means you are putting yourself first and choosing to work on your body, mind, and soul. Treatment is not limited to mental health problems, but it also encompasses instances where we need a break too.

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Plant-Based Diet: A Healthier Lifestyle

The body is an incredibly precious temple. For that reason, the kindness that the body offers us throughout daily life should be returned. Nutrition and exercise are two of the most important factors. What to eat is highly important and therefore mustn’t be unorganized. A plant-based diet is a key to maintaining good health; both mentally and physically.

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