What are Interventions

Alcohol and drug interventions, during which different loved ones of an addict gather to nudge them towards treatment, have recently become very popular. While the process undoubtedly brings a high level of success, it also carries a risk to undermine relationships, potentially making the addiction worse. Whether an intervention is right for your dear one […]

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Crisis Intervention

We have all gone through and will continue to go through various crises in our lives; it’s just a part of being human. It’s not a question of whether or not we’ll experience crises; it’s a question of how we’ll handle them. The former president of The United States of America, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, while […]

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Staging an Intervention: Dos and Don’ts

Staging an intervention for a loved one, who is suffering from an addiction, is like helping up someone to stand. Seeing loved ones suffer is always tough, it is critical to remember that they are the ones who are and have been in this dark place, long before you’ve noticed.

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