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We believe that food is the key to a healthy body and mind. The food we eat determines the efficiency at which e can functions. Some foods have been shown to improve mood and reduce stress and depression.

After our comprehensive assessment of your body, we will determine the nutritional needs that it requires to function at an optimal level.

Accordingly, our chefs and nutrition specialists will design a personalized diet plan that is sure to aid you in your recovery.

Within our facilities, we set up a gym and recruited personal trainers to help you stay fit and healthy/Through activities such as sports. Yoga, other fitness workshops will relax your mind and strengthen your body. Additionally, our fitness expert will design a fitness program tailor-made for you to enable you to reach and maintain your ideal body weight.



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Borderline Personality Disorder: Signs & Dangers

Going through life somehow feels a lot like stumbling in the dark. You don’t have a map, and if you do, you lack proper light to see. So you wander on your own in order to discover. Alas, mental health disorders are somewhat like roadblocks that hinder your way. BPD is one of those disorders that consume healthy lives if not dealt with properly.

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Khat, a herb or a drug?

Khat or Catha edulis is a flowering plant most commonly found in countries of the African Horn and the Arabian Peninsula. The active component in Khatare cathinone is a strong stimulant similar to coffee and Amphetamine. It works on the central nervous system by speeding up the messages going between the brain and the body.

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Dangers of Insomnia & Sleep Disorder

Nighttime can be the shortest time most experience when getting a good amount of sleep. You close your eyes and the sun has set and then a few minutes later, you’re opening them to a shining sun. However, for people who struggle with insomnia, this is not the case. Insomnia disrupts sleeping patterns and drains the body’s energy.

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Workaholism, The masked addiction

Workaholism is a condition in which a person becomes ‘’obsessed or ‘’addicted’ ’to their job. A workaholic is essentially an individual who suffers from a deep preoccupation with work. Recovering from an addiction can be a real challenge, which is why the help of experts can prove essential.

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