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Seek a Rehab Facility

Life is fast-changing and challenging at most times. The human mind is intricate which makes it difficult to pinpoint where some problems start. Seemingly never-ending, mental and physical problems arise more often than we’d like. The one good side is that you’ll never be alone and people will always be ready to help you out. Rehab facilities exist for the sole purpose of helping you get better and work at your own pace to reach the light at the end of the tunnel.

“Compassionate curiosity directed toward the self leads to the truth of things.” ―Gabor Maté

The Health Direct explains that rehab aims to help people reduce their use of the substance they’re addicted to. Treatment and support are the two main services provided at rehab in order to make sure that no relapse will happen in the long run. 

So when do we need to seek a rehab facility, and according to what do we pick it?

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Addiction Rehab

According to the Recovery Organization, the most common addictions are drug, alcohol, and prescription drug addictions. Loss of control over these substances throws individuals in the loop of addiction that’s hard to get out of. Drinking alcohol may seem normal at first, but excessive drinking spirals out of control.

Lesser-known addictions extend to behavioral ones. Shopping, gambling, work, sexual activities, and phone and media are some of the addictions many can fall victim to.


Steps to Pick a Rehab

Thus, the first step is to know what services you need and what goals you aim to achieve. Underlying issues can be detected too, through dual diagnosis.  The next step is to reach out to professionals. They will guide you and make sure your center is suitable for you and even help you with your choice. Lastly, do your research about the center you’ve picked. 

Moreover, make sure to consider the types of patient care that the facility offers. St. George’s University explains the difference between inpatient and outpatient:

  • An inpatient is a patient that stays in the rehab facility to recover and has the chance to be monitored closely
  • Outpatient is the patient who does not stay in the facility; they are either assigned a person who visits them frequently or they visit the treatment center a few times

Rehabs might offer luxurious accommodations as well as detailed treatment plans and highly efficient teams. 

Adding to that, the United Hospital Fund suggests taking into consideration many factors. They deem the number of services, location, and cost the three initial ones. All are important to what you need. The services a rehab facility provides are crucial for you to know if what you need exists in the place you’re looking for. The location is the physical aspect that may or may not suit you.

The Addiction Center also highlights the importance of amenities. Knowing fully well what a rehab has to offer is crucial to the overall process. Some have exceptional accommodations and some are basic but provide top-notch facilities. The range of the amenities is huge; you’re highly encouraged to check websites, call and even visit if possible to know more.


The process to go to Rehab

The National Institute on Drug Abuse explains how most treatments start with detoxification and managing withdrawal through medication when we’re dealing with substances. The body clears itself out of drugs and then the treatment plan begins. Detoxification alone is not enough and therefore does not fully solve the issue. 

Amidst many treatment programs, the therapeutic community (TC) model of care, for example, involves a prolonged treatment stay of around 6 to 12 months, and it focuses on readjusting to normal, everyday life. 

The American Addiction Centers also explain that the decision to go to rehab is highly personal but extremely encouraged. The choices of where and how are always up to the patient and with the right team, no issue will remain unsolved.

THE BALANCE Luxury Rehab Center provides you with all that you might need. Our team is highly trained to embrace all the challenges you might face. With our holistic programs and treatment plans, we plan to guide you through your treatment journey, no matter how tough the struggle seems. We make sure that at the end of your treatment, you develop your own healthy habits and stick to them. We provide permanent solutions that will last you a lifetime. 


Please reach out to us to speak to one of our specialists. We want to understand your issues to recommend how our personalized residential treatment program could help you.


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